Choi Hyoung-woo signing FA 100 billion times the first fire on Samsung?

Baseball FA held a 100 billion times. Kia Tigers had decided to recruit a total 10 billion won for four years on the signing Choi Hyoung-woo.
Choi Hyoung-woo will deposit 40 billion between the fourth term of the contract, 1.5 billion won in annual salary was recruited by Kia Tigers.
Choi Hyoung-woo of Samsung Lions who have joined in the past haetneundeyo Samsung Lions 2002

Choi Hyoung-woo
7 6 Punta Li and 195 hits this season to play in the 1380000000000000000 .300 batting average, 144RBI record and ohreumyeo hitting three gold medals has been plugged into choedaeeo of this FA market.

Samsung Lions is finished mothamyeo Choi Hyoung-woo Choi Hyoung-woo magazine chose the home team Kia Tigers.
It ended up not narrow the price difference Choi Hyoung-woo and Choi Hyoung-woo reportedly led to the starvation line.

Choi Hyoung-woo

Recruited as a famine in successive maximums 10 billion won Choi Hyoung-woo, Kia lineup have been further upgraded tore out a large power in Samsung fell stance on the situation of the new edition jjaya.

Choi Hyoung-woo

Samsung Lions, while achieving integrated four consecutive league five straight victories since 2011, created a new history of baseball.
But Samsung's power went out every year. 2012Year season was a sine sixty-two move to LG, 2013Oh Seung-hwan year there were two went to a Japanese Bae Kwon and obtained the qualified FA after the end of the season in 2014 move to Hanwha.

Choi Hyoung-woo
And ending the season in 2015 bakseokmin headed to NC.

4Samsung ballpoint pen name of two years will fall to one person is selected resource center, and express finishing offense one person.
Five consecutive league Samsung will now buried in history?

Choi Hyoung-woo

Choi Hyoung-woo
Samsung's new bakseokmin went to the supremacy again, Choi Hyoung-woo, I made a good chaetaein and recruit new foreign players and look forward to the one Lee, Won - Seok appearance in the FA signings.


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