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Moon Huijun soyul married couple's first idol born

Moon Huijun and Crayon Pop ups soyul the wedding.
Moon Huijun in the last 24 days is married and soyul directly hand written letter on his fan cafe preached the news.
Following soyul Moon Huijun also preached the marriage news directly to hand write.

Moon Huijun soyul marriage

Moon Huijun soyul marriage
Moon Huijun's "huen gave this statement dwaetjiman adults think one really feel that adults," said "our Junior I'm to get married, but another change in between, we have continued to me that you are always first and precious not going to know?"He said, saying the marriage news.

Moon Huijun soyul marriage

In addition, the soyul "Now I'm very shaky.. Give me Thy love to meet people who love to cherish save me a warm heart, Was to get married, "he said.

Moon Huijun soyul marriage

Moon Huijun(38) And soyul(25)Is that I'd like to get married in February next year, has two men hear a difference of more than 13 years not once had the same age band yeolaeseol so far.
For the marriage of the Moon Huijun soyul agency Chrome Entertainment Crayon Pop will then soyul uploaded a hand delivered letter had heard the news in February next year married couple. Following Chrome Entertainment has announced that the marriage of two people, "according to a premarital pregnancy is not married.".

Moon Huijun soyul marriage

HOT struck as members of the news of the two men marry "We knew from" the Starry Night Ta 'MBC Radio. Do not know whether the marriage announcement. I did not even love you, "said," my family seem to marry. I do not know whether we have another anthem. I try sanghui and Moon Huijun said, "he said.
In addition, Tony has said, "Ah Hee Jun Nada society" through his Instagram celebrated the marriage of the Moon Huijun soyul.

Moon Huijun soyul marriage
The Moon Huijun soyul I'd have to forgo between good seonhubae two years ago came after a full-scale meeting since March of this year, the marriage of two people has been the weather's attention as the first Idol married couple.

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