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Han Seokjun then why leave KBS Divorced Single Life

One Han Seokjun appeared on KBS radio star confessed why leave.
The last 23 days, the Radio Star "four insurance ended! Job seekers in 'featured Han Seokjun, Cho Woojong, Yijiyeon, Gimhyeonuk it appeared.Han Seokjun

Han Seokjun day before the haetneundeyo morning broadcast was so intense that the reason for the leave and KBS turned freelance

Han Seokjun

Han Seokjun is haetneundeyo said, "The KBS jerking tends to increase the daily morning broadcast in progress," he said "hadeora me to go to work early in the morning 4:30."

Following Han Seokjun is inde jeongjak I'm not a morning person, "he said" Radio sukjik first mission was 5:00 in the morning radio news, Be prepared to get up at four and said that ".

Han Seokjun

Also Han Seokjun is haetneundeyo disclose episodes of perception were "never once occurred almost 4 o'clock 58 minutes," he said, "ipeumyeonseo clothes ran into the studio Ran also wanted to move on foot can not breathe becomes news. 15I arrived before the second state value was cold breath still. So it was to breathe every word jugido laugh Say ".

Han SeokjunHan Seokjun recent "Breakfast was too hard on his Instagram. It is too hard to be too mental happening charineun. How the hell did you pull climbing early in the morning so I went to live in the past. Now it has also released an article entitled spirit ought to - "fun and exciting recordings have heard.Han Seokjun

Han Seokjun

In Wednesday's broadcast Han Seokjun haetneundeyo Recent public about living with a single after a divorce.

Han Seokjun haetneundeyo is said to get along with the single "Happiness is" The Cho Woojong is "free look is usually boring,. Go camping, "said haetneundeyo Han Seokjun to" attend a party and started a big deal in the summer of 2013. Already more than one year before that was not said, "puts it confessed that.

Han Seokjun

Han Seokjun has posted a 2004 KBS motivated incident on April 28, 2006 Wedding Introduction Before meeting Mr. TV announcer Kim Mijin Korea's economy to the end of a devotee two years of gimyunji Announcer.

Announcer Kim Mijin has transformed into a graceful appearance to the Korea Economic TV announcer days I just got a lot of love to the viewers operates rodeusyop 'knob tuten' in Apgujeong, Seoul since late 2009 and the fashion business.

Han Seokjun

Since December 2013 two men haetneundeyo Kim Mijin did not know whether the last women's magazine interview in 2010, "Love is the initial discomfort yieotgie husband Amateur divorce. But after he eopget people to find out their husbands can more freely and carry the Sore "he said," because I think the report enclosed with my wife and I have a set Lou also said the complaints are further align their husbands. ".

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