White way wolhwa ratings hit drama One charge above 1

mbc new drama is aiming for the white way up one successful drama Beyond the first broadcast and record national audience of 6.6%.
In the last broadcast white way Lee Yo-won the state meet for the first time in the Yui party he hosted was drawn.
Chaebol daughter earlier, headed to worst in the state of non gijukji Yui Lee Yo-won, we propose a day to give a card.

white way

white way Yui ttein a part-time salary is visiting Lee Yo-won received remuneration of 3,000,000 won hands-Marie(Yihojeong)Copies of mobile phones.
Neundeyo intense images captivated the audience in broadcasting, especially first time Lee Yo-won was the scene of a Russian roulette with, go there to get the money owed yakuza prayed showcase the overwhelming charisma.white way

white way"Money is more than life. God is the visible image of Don Lee Yo-won says, "was that the metabolic listen to her ambitions.
The first time the white way of breathing constitutes the main Yui Lee Yo-won was offering the perfect Kemi.
To worst as women instinctively that dirt getting money Yui client dreams of escaping cutlery golryeo the only daughter of Marie and Tee groups that stood out the figure of Lee Yo-won.

white way

white way

White way, there is a deep story.
White way in the press conference Jingu hanmal.
Jingu is "would be more fun to look at the TV stand likened the world today," said "there is a deep story," he said.
Following the Shrine, "the protagonist is a woman is similar to a man and a woman in a dark suit on news coming out these days," said said that "it is not intended to simply be as deep picture is similar to saying".

white way
Yijaedong directed the story of Shrine may be similar to the "material ever. Canon adhesions are likely to be part of that look similar overlapping coincidence inde stories have already woven before popping the case nowadays, "he said.

In the last 21 days the romantic drama viewership Dr. Kim Blackwood(16.5%), white way(6.6%), A man who lives in my house(3.7%) Recorded.


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