Go Joon-hee, president yeolaeseol jewelry Son? Just friends clarification

Jungyirago Go Joon-hee and fellowship with the son of the famous jewelry brand president since the beginning of the year.
Go Joon-hee yeolaeseol is that the public would put sports day Go Joon-hee and her boyfriend while reports alone will start the devotees since the beginning of the year.Go Joon-hee Go Joon-hee boyfriend to pick up the Go Joon-hee in Gangnam, such as neighbors to walk you to the Seongsu-dong house, I'd say sometimes found the appearance of the two men, especially Go Joon-hee is up to China to see the Go Joon-hee came to only after China's activities last year's drama she was pretty ' Skip to top even that.

Go Joon-hee Boyfriend, I'd say Go Joon-hee is known neundeyo boasts celebrity looks as good as the more than 180cm key to bet the same age, some say the extent to misconceptions by celebrities.
Last December, Go Joon-hee is ideal for haetneundeyo also say "no kkeopul the tall man yeoteumyeon I hope," said, "A man should be looking at only" a few months after the Go Joon-hee ideal remarks not only met my boyfriend now.Go Joon-hee

Haeteuni since the beginning of the year to start the catapult devotees and the devotees who are already close to 1 year
Go Joon-hee and his boyfriend has said repeatedly during the meeting broke up just like a normal couple.
I met with repeatedly broke preached that the faith of the two men are more turned on and continue to maintain good relations.Go Joon-hee

Go Joon-hee

Go Joon-hee is haetneundeyo debut in 2001, SK Smart School Uniform Model Contest debut early haetneundeyo use the real name of gimeunju he take on Ko brother, Go Joon-hee character in the years MBC 'What's Up Fox, 2006, received a good evaluation using the stage name named after the Go Joon-hee There is.Go Joon-hee The agency Go Joon-hee Go Joon-hee haetneundeyo ago said, "I will before the entry identified as saying the person being confirmed to yeolaeseol" for yeolaeseol Go Joon-hee is focused attention on the son of the president jewelry news yeolaeseol am

Go Joon-hee

21Go Joon-hee is one jewelry brand "Hua ttuah’ And it has released a pictorial hamkkehan.


Additional input – PM 04 : 58

Go Joon-hee official position side

“Go Joon-hee is the article he saw devotees sleeping late, then spoke until late in the atmospheres do not have agency. For articles written on the "thumb’ But also between the ride he was called just friends”

Go Joon-hee explained that the meeting with friends and the general public consisting of the same age friends for jewelry views Land, president son.

In addition, for those pictures “The car depicted in this photo is the Go Joon-hee. Now, after a difficult driving license freshly By the day and the night, I dragged out and asked him to reoda. Between the hooks are not sure” Said that.



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