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Lee Eunhui Lee Byeongheon agreed divorced brother pagyeong only married four years

Miss Korea Lee Eunhui broadcaster who is married and took a period to four years of marriage to divorce agreement.
Lee Eunhui has raised an office worker and a wedding at the end of devotees of the past four years March 2012, three years older couple signed a kite.
Lee Eunhui attended a wedding at the time there was also a massive star guests were the topic, including her brother Lee Byeongheon.Lee Eunhui divorce Lee Eunhui has worked as a model, the CF since childhood stunning beauty has served as a broadcaster after the last election in 1996 Miss Korea Jin.

Lee Eunhui at that time would have appeared in the past JTBC 'Miss Korea's Secret Garden.' "Because of the nature of the Comunidad was now married to my husband," haetneundeyo also sayLee Eunhui Marriage Lee Eunhui husband and for the first meeting "was out of the usual best friend of Miss Korea CHO Hye-young is blind, and with the next appointment," he said "blind Nami alcohol is drunk tried a rude harassment to CHO Hye-young painter and his men saw the appearance moments and fought naemyeo a shout. Then chiseled-looking bachelor of girls has also its place came into felt the crush at first sight being angry, "he recalls his first meeting with her husband.

Lee Eunhui

The two divorced in Lee Eunhui news that I think you What happened to many of you are wondering about the unknown of the specific grounds for divorce her husband Lee Eunhui hwimalrimyeonseo a lovely day the degrading been known bone deepened between the couple.

Lee Eunhui

In particular, Lee Eunhui has balhigido jungyirago partnership with relevant business and share blogs for gift candle in the last three days SNS.

Meanwhile, Lee Eunhui I was more famous brother of actor Lee Byeongheon Lee Eunhui Lee Byeongheon was also a story that takes the handling jimjjak in broadcast history.

Lee, Eun - Hee Lee
Lee Eunhui loves dwaetdamyeo is able "to marry the mother of my brother really loves," he said the freedom "was my brother Jim now. After that age is said to be a treat jimjjak "I laugh jugido.

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