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Bob Dylan boycott Nobel ceremony 'appointment in ~'

Bob Dylan is raised to name the most shocking ever winner of the Nobel Prize winners.
I come from a Nobel ceremony held on December 10 in Stockholm's wedeon you say Bob Dylan informed of the boycott Nobel ceremony.
Bob Dylan has said Oct. 28 the subsequent award physician selected Nobel Prize winners and naenotji the official position does not answer the phone after the announcement on October 13 anatneundeyo.

Bob Dylan Nobel
The reason is that "an appointment".
According to the National Academy of Bob Dylan I'd came to send a letter to its contents, I'd came to send a reason "Personally, I wish hoping to get a different appointment in Unfortunately it is difficult," he absent after "the glory about Dylan is unbelievable for the Nobel Prize emphasized that workable "I said that.

Bob Dylan Nobel

In addition to the fact that Bob Dylan 'Sartre' I'd like a French writer and thinker that the people who attend the Nobel Prize award ceremony will attend the ceremony, saying "assessment can not get anyone in my lifetime," 1964.

Bob Dylan Nobel
In addition to free El Austria novelist 2004 Jelinek had to attend the awards interpersonal gipijeung two euros, 2005Nobel Prize winner was British playwright Harold Pinter was absent from the ceremony because the hospital.

Bob Dylan Nobel
And 2007 Nobel Prize winner, British novelist Doris Lessing was also absent from the ceremony at the deteriorating health two euros.
Academy Awards it was announced that the boycott announced by Bob Dylan and "Nobel Prize winners have been speaking to the convention within six months after the ceremony is mandatory," said, "Please give just watched".

Bob Dylan Nobel

The Swedish Academy has haetneundeyo announced as the Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan last October 13 because "created a new poetic expression in the great American song traditions" was evaluated as the Nobel Committee attend Earth has gone praised as "He a great poet." not spared the.

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