Hwang Young-Hee Kim Kwang-kyu fiery youth love line is expected

Hwang Young-Hee new friends and starring actors in the fiery youth. Hwang Young-Hee is an actor Nancy contains an extraordinary presence in the field of barley mother "has chapters barley '.
15In fiery youth to be broadcast Hwang Young-Hee has appeared as a new member in the 'Winter Veil travel "unfolds in Yangyang, Gangwon.

Hwang Young-Hee
In the shooting began at 5:00 am and Kim Gook Jin's question, saying, "It's Winter Veil trip" heralded a tough schedule.
Kim Gook Jin was going to have "Since last night, the news comes a new friend?"I said Choi Sung-kuk was surprised the" haetneundeyo wondered, saying one hint that what we are seeing no "

Hwang Young-Hee
Twists and turns at the end of Choi Sung-kuk, Kim Kwang-kyu, Gimdogyun Kim Kwang-kyu was noticed something that I'm going far away to new friends Hwang Young-Hee meets a new friend to see you have said "Oh ~ ~ Hey girl girl.".
In particular, Hwang Young-Hee was also revealed to Kim Kwang-kyu said, "My brother is totally gwanggyu it ..- Artists' lead to questions about the two ties.

Hwang Young-Hee

Hwang Young-Hee

It looks like the figure also find a lively youth in particular, the emergence of new friends Hwang Young-Hee Hwang Young-Hee has seen an extraordinary presence in the fiery youth.

Hwang Young-Hee

If the flash contains a heavy cauldron omgineunga, Man surprised everyone pray showcase the skilled sawing does less.
In addition, it goes to the North Korean dialect sanghwanggeuk to the public until the batter and instincts emerged as a new hero in the fiery youth.


Hwang Young-Hee has barley field, Women of my son-in-law, While appearing like shopping King Louis I'm getting a lot of love
Hwang Young-Hee is especially that taught the dialect and adhere directly to Shin Ae-ra.

Hwang Young-Hee
Hwang Young-Hee is saying is Shin Ae-ra once said in a movie called Ice keki '' 's taught under the proper salary "question" in the dialect teacher money earned dadeonde talking about' cause 'at the time when appeared in the past tvN scene talk show' Taxi ' Following me that "I've done theater with my stick and then taught the Gyeongsang dialect" was also gimmicky.

On the other hand, try to be cautious speculation over whether the emergence of adoring fans Kim Kwang-kyu Hwang Young-Hee Kim Kwang-kyu of the resulting new love line.


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