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Samsung Harman acquired business growth battlefield operation

It seems the new growth engines of Samsung Electronics confirmed as 'smart car'.
July 14, Samsung Electronics acquired Haman suited for professional audio applications company in the United States Connecticut River Hanwha 9.38 trillion won and secured the global business capabilities on the battlefield at once.

Samsung Harman argument
While Samsung has acquired Haman acquisition of Germany 'Becker' in 1995 to the US state of Connecticut stamper eat Sidney Harman who founded the company in 1956 were full-fledged entry into the anterior parts business.
Haman has occupied the first place in the premium infotainment to a 24% share of second place in the telematics market share to 10%, Electrical parts, which account for first place with 41% market share in car audio portion is known as a professional company.

Samsung Harman argument
No. There could leave 19 overseas offices in 10 countries on 30,000 people in nine countries is to double the business part of the battlefield the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Hungary, Germany, There are China.

Samsung has put in December 2015 established a project team to complete the full-length full-length business team in February of this year and start a full-scale battle business.
Since last May, the device roll-Pollution(DS)Had established an autonomous part of the automotive semiconductor development TF in June launched a new lineup of light-emitting diode LED auto parts.

Samsung Harman argument
7May it has invested 500 billion won stake in Chinese electric car manufacturer BYD was a bright room olraseoge ball rises to the top spot in the field of business with the acquisition of the world's largest corporate battlefield Haman November.

Samsung Harman argument

The Samsung Harman argument competitiveness in the company I expect to happen in the smartphone innovative changes automotive industry in the feature phone one of the puzzles of the New Samsung ''s Lee Jaeyong Vice Chairman and cited the smart car electronic parts to future growth as latecomers this fell to a jump over the through Harman acquisition industry 1.

Samsung Harman argument

In the opinion of some, but also whether it is Samsung's jump into the favorite automobile parts due to Samsung's argument, which is not Haman.
In sonyoung Samsung Chief Strategy is cool July 14 conference call held in the United States. "(Samsung)Parts of the body would not dive, the automobile manufacturer, "he said" powertrain, such as the car was not interested only connectivity(Connectivity)I will raise the technical capabilities associated with, "he said.

Samsung Harman argument

Automotive Semiconductors and Samsung Electronics released the display is in a situation where one of the four global automotive brand is using the infotainment system and Harman speakers, The electric vehicle batteries can be easily expected to enter the car brand to use the existing speakers Harman is expected to be expanded significantly in the capabilities of the Samsung Auto Parts minutes.

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