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Kim Haneul knit airport to catch the fall fashion way

The airport is the way Kim Haneul The white color knit the last 10 days suffered from broadcast.
Kim Haneul knit call it good ttaga to Mischa It creates feeling of comfort with a half-neck pullover with cable generous pitgam PRODUCTS
Half-neck design that wrapped around the neckline and yeopteuim and fall back to the parent material blend, The product is perfect in winter.
Kim Haneul is still a beauty, and maintain, even after marriage 3040 Drawing attention to fashion wannabe am

Kim Haneul cut
In the last 10 days OLD one "airport way" Kim Haneul has shown a lot of maturity than the image film "Ditto" and the drama "Piano" claimed the 20.
As the vice love to take the armed crew choesu Oh come on 12 years of experience of marriage, love and family conflict in the play so well represented undergo a change of heart, complex, and it also takes a sympathetic figure to viewers.

Kim Haneul cut
There was also the beginning of the broadcast commented cheering love of two people in the last many times while repeatedly Recurrence but they were many responses that indicated an inappropriate relationship.
This will also Try to think of whether it is obtained from convincing viewers Nancy Kim Haneul is delicately pull the smoke inside.

Kim Haneul

Kim Haneul

Kim Haneul is talking Airport haetneundeyo way to do this for the last time, "the last episode watched as the shooting team in jongbangyeon. If a couple of times before he was even crying and say ah, but choesu lead, "he said" seemed doeneunge not connected longer to remember.

Kim Haneul

While following the script got a tight end was very satisfied, "he said" to talk about on the way to the airport as satisfactory than any dramatic consequences. ".

Kim Haneul cut

Kim Haneul cut

Kim Haneul cut
Airdate : 2016In November 15
product name : It Mischa half-Neck Pullover Cable
price : Won 17 prices online

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