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Jeong Jinwoo 3000000000 gambling redemption charges

Group tuem Jay Jeong Jinwoo was arrested on a gambling charges.
Jeong Jinwoo last October 2014 cheohaja the situation will be subject to investigation in consultation with the Internet gambling is illegal, Mr. F your friends(45three. Trailer driver)He was given the investigation instead. It was called via the "switched suspects" identified as facing criminal charges.

Jeong Jinwoo
According to police, Jeong Jinwoo at that time Mr. F that I'd different from that received surveys gaming duration and amount Jeong Jinwoo spans a total of 1588 times using the bank account of Jeong Jinwoo their bank accounts and contacts from November 2011 to June 2016 3400004045 was to deposit 10,000 won to gambling sites charge account confirmed by the fact that gambling.

Jeong Jinwoo

Mr. F receives the request of Jeong Jinwoo is haetneundeyo refractory to attend several demands of the police to deny the attendance was eventually arrested and an arrest warrant was issued in May 2016 in the last 10 years, Kyungpook seven criminal charges have been.
Mr. F is present from the Jeong Jinwoo did not accept the request for the "Do not ever attend the police.".

Jeong Jinwoo
So why is Mr. F geolkkayo the write upside down Jeong Jinwoo crime?
The reason for this was the right Jeong Jinwoo son of a woman who lived with F, The story does not receive a significant penalty was known to have received instead of criminal penalties that the Internet gambling as having to have Jeong Jinwoo.

Jeong Jinwoo

Jeong Jinwoo's agency is haetneundeyo ago called "Jeong Jinwoo, and has no say in September, the contract is terminated drills"

Jeong Jinwoo is haetneundeyo debut, called the film "100 Days with Mr. Arrogant 'OST' Fate 'in 2004 after starring in the choir section at KBS 2TV' Qualifications of Men 'was a' splash 'in the 2013 MBC' immortal genius" as a member of Jay tuem call won the choejinhui side and was also getting very popular.

Meanwhile, the Seoul Yongsan Police had recently arrested a 1 trillion to crack down on Internet sports betting site, which includes singers and actors and gang gambling operators 67 people were reportedly contained herein is Jeong Jinwoo.

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