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Supermoon association with the New Zealand earthquake

This has been one of the associations of the Supermoon interest and earthquakes.
68Years has been only two months and theories that may occur due to the center Supermoon Supermoon earthquake is scheduled on the 14th that Earth's distance to the closest attention.

Supermoon New Zealand earthquake

Supermoon is indeyo term was first created in 1979 by the astrologers Supermoon phenomenon is seen most dramatically the size of the moon seen from Earth when the distance between the Earth and the Moon, which is closest to.
Super inquiry direct effect is the phenomenon of rising sea levels to force the stronger the gravitational force of gravity dragging two months.

Supermoon New Zealand earthquake
It has long associations with the moon earthquake I'm here is consistently raised in the last 13 days the voices coming out of the various concerns and the earthquake in New Zealand and Boryeong occurred ahead of the Super Moon.

Japan's Tokyo University professor Satoshi Ide real team "over the last 20 years the size 5.5 The result of 9 times 12 times more than the earthquake analysis has also announced that coincided with the full moon period ".

Supermoon New Zealand earthquake

But the real scientific statements super earthquakes are known to have no direct relationship.

The last 13 days New Zealand earthquake in past earthquakes occurred in the South Pacific the largest one strength 7.8 It was a strong earthquake.

Supermoon New Zealand earthquake
New Zealand earthquake midnight lasted large and small aftershock two minutes after 2:31 a.m. on the northeastern coast quake men have been issued a tsunami warning that the expected wave height of 2m.
Are you a building collapsed in the earthquake in New Zealand telephone service is interrupted by a power outage that you are getting the highway collapsed chaos going on in the evacuation process.

Supermoon New Zealand earthquake

This is New Zealand Earthquake New Zealand has also lost 185 lives in the earthquake of'm the Ring of Fire, known as the 'Ring of Fire' in 182km away from the area Christchurch Kaikoura This earthquake occurred in 2011 five years ago magnitude 6.3.

Supermoon New Zealand earthquake

Supermoon New Zealand earthquake

On the other hand, it said the quake Mount Victoria in Wellington has a lot of crowds flocking to evacuate as the earthquake damage Notices.

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