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Lee Hong Han Bo-Reum devotee is already the second time

이홍기 한보름 열애 또 열애설에 휩싸였다.

Sports entertainment professional maechae OSEN said Han Bo-Reum Lee Hong publish this history to the 9th yeolaeseol alone.

Lee Hong was already engulfed the once yeolaeseol Han Bo-Reum What this really is true yeolaeseol?

According to the article Han Bo-Reum Lee Hong announced yeolaeseol said "two good friend who was among the recent developments were sweethearts and I know that being in a good relationship," based on the story of showbiz parties.

Han Bo-Reum Lee Hong

Han Bo-Reum Lee Hong has said he iteotneundeyo yeolaeseol the photos in before yeolaeseol public bowling alley at the time, not close friends yeolaeseol cider.

Han Bo-Reum Lee Hong

Another Han Bo-Reum Lee Hong is enough for two people side by side I'm known as a bowling enthusiasts joined the bowling club hobby known as.

Han Bo-Reum Lee Hong

Han Bo-Reum is a bowling alley gonna find a bowling alley directly to Lee Hong from the last 10 haetneundeyo also cheer for Lee Hong to visit directly the 30th to cheer one Lee Hong challenge the pro baller '2016 Male 22 group Pro Bowler Taekwondo Qualification Tournament, second leg Stadium name breakfast time It has been known haetneun place with the singer Chae Yeon.

Han Bo-Reum Lee Hong

Han Bo-Reum Han Bo-Reum Lee Hong in about yeolaeseol current agency KeyEast been known that confirmed the authenticity to the said Han Bo-Reum "is currently being confirmed," Lee Hong and yeolaeseol.

Han Bo-Reum Lee Hong

Meanwhile, FT Island's Lee Hong has made her debut in 2007, the house served as a vocal of FT Island 1 jungyimyeo 9-year band, Han Bo-Reum began to inform his face to the sun, SBS lord debuted in KBS drama 'Dream High' in 2011.

Han Bo-Reum Lee Hong

Han Bo-Reum Lee Hong

Han Bo-Reum Lee Hong was also the acting also as a lover over the last 2014 SBS 'You Moderate Farmers'.

Two was already embroiled in yeolaeseol once people really come out at this time has become a focus of interest is any reaction.

  • Additional input – Han Bo-Reum Lee Hong devotees recognized agency

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