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Nadeora think the Crown J Seo Inyoung night kiss

Crown J Seo Inyoung kiss nadeora think the comment Night

The singer confessed that Crown J and Seo Inyoung was good kiss.

With jtbc that's become a hot topic in the Crown J Seo Inyoung appeared two journalists have been conducted on the 8th feeling damhoe jtbc building in Sangam.

Crown J Seo Inyoung

This is where the Crown J "Once I felt good about Seo Inyoung and kisses. Lips feeling really good. That night was keep thinking, "haetneundeyo confess to Seo Inyoung and kisses

Crown J Seo Inyoung

In Seo Inyoung, "I was surprised unexpectedly. My brother went back hadeora say "was more than a feeling today," he said to "have a laugh jugido.

Crown J Seo Inyoung

Crown J Seo Inyoung

Crown J Seo Inyoung is married haetneundeyo the expression of two people kissing

To assure you ...... it could remarry sikyira from those who misunderstand the fact that two people are married - once Aced

Crown J Seo Inyoung
Mbc just entertainment program "We Got Married" in Crown J Seo Inyoung has appeared as a virtual couple haetneundeyo 2008 We Got Married Season 1 and appeared as a couple at the meeting with the couple going back to 10,008 years.

Crown J Seo Inyoung

Crown J Seo Inyoung couple, Kim Sook, only a representative appeared on the invitation of friendship with the couple Yun Jeongsu haeteotneundeyo been a whopping eight years is the time with the two men's relationship has not changed the boyeojwotgo In many viewers had the Crown J Seo Inyoung remarried request

Crown J Seo Inyoung

The two men would put it back to the couple appeared together in friendship and

Seo Inyoung has appeared on mbc radio star after starring with friendship to invite Kim Sook Yun Jeongsu couple said "Crown J is married has never let's ditch him." "I know my personality I thought not bad for being fit well," he told Crown Jay has also confessed he is not poor against marriage.

Crown J Seo Inyoung

Following Seo Inyoung prayed reveal special affection for the Crown J said "I was trying to think of when we meet again by the person at the time jalhaejuneun".

Crown J Seo Inyoung

Meanwhile, Seo Inyoung is on his Instagram "let us all make good time - know that life is not even know the law, It also shows the future expectations for appearance with what was going on, saying jilji "s.

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