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Saleem Optics Men Bong Tae-gyu Kim, Jeong - Tai Mun Se-yun Kim, Il - Jung Ha Tae-goon Real Salim group which

Salim Salim group of real men, six men who

Coming are interested in "men to Salim 'KBS2 new entertainment program first broadcast on the 8th and concentrated.
I cast an eye-catching from the man Salim, the five actors, announcer, Comedian, I'd coach appeared
The men that Salim has Kim Seungwoo, Kim Jeongtae, Bong Tae-gyu, Moon Seyun, Ha Taegyun, The starring Kim Iljung.

Man Salim

I look at the little guys that Saleem Kim Seungwoo website will'm introduced as "Salim third year Songdo house" haneungunyo national actors that populate the space with three years Kim Seungwoo Salim Salim M is prepared as overbearing philosophy in one dishes.

Kim Seungwoo

Kim Jeongtae is I'm called as "Salim 30 years moon house" of Kim Jeongtae Nam veteran Salim pro salrimkkun with hot mom soneu unlike the villain image
cleaning, Quickly, I will not do dishes.

Kim Seungwoo Mart

Bong Tae-gyu is I am as "Salim 1.5 years Jeongneung house," a phrase that forced a full-time housewife marriage was sealed with an eye-catching at the same time homemaker “Compulsory full-time "disgrace GGG
Bong Tae-gyu is called New Generation M Salim is also a sense of scale uptake of 'Salim know-how'.

Kim Seungwoo Mart

Moon Seyun, "Salim eight years sf house" Moon Seyun is a title that I'm proud of the hidden skills are good at housekeeping than muk-bang in the subtlety hidden in the big one.

김일중 아나운서는 “살림 100시간차 염창댁” 이라고 하는데요 자칭 대한민국 평균남 이라는 김일중은 살림에서 가만히 있는게 돕는 거라는 문제적 살림남 이라고 합니다.

Kim Seungwoo shopping

But Ha Taegyun is still introduced in the Main eopdeoraguyo seemed perhaps not yet reflected in the Main.

This real-Salim group of six cast unfold the doeneundeyo broadcast Today it is men, Salim to Salim had been awaken 6 real livelihood in the interregnum, not of this I have from the 'net information know-how' teoteuk not carelessly talk, the men of the housewife living close torque "the spreads.

Man Salim

The thought I think the story the men gathered showcase a lady sitting torque seems to be having fun.

8Sun Kim Seungwoo is unveiling a prayer muk-bang watching the chapter in the mart in the first broadcast and Kim Jeongtae notice that the quality difference he saw the laser in the eyes is quite experienced boyigido year.
Bong Tae-gyu to prepare foods that are Moon Seyun dageupham the boyigido and each one is a separate collection figure will feel the force does not ruin the neighborhood Aunt.

Man Salim
Kim Iljung announcer barks a new house on the head while harder to play with children and Ha Taegyun chaenggineun the breakfast is gatgido I'm so sorry

I think naelgeo get a lot of guys that Saleem sympathy of men at night, you expect the first broadcast today.

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Man Salim Bong Tae-gyu
Man Salim Moon Seyun
Man Salim Ha Taegyun
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Man Salim
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The Kim Seungwoo is the wife Kim Namju at the press conference on the 8th production “Can you do better” He said said “Catches us to see the situation and then replace members of the first recording Bong Tae-gyu Kim, Jeong - Tai Mun Se-yun was the extent to which Mr Ha Taegyun was fine with me, Mr. medium” Innovation “Mr. Kim Iljung litter”Jugido had called me laugh.

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