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Blue Dragon Film Awards nominations crowned best actress Kim Minhui

Should Kim Minhui Blue Dragon Film Awards Best Actress candidate participating public appearance?

Actor Kim Minhui won the best actress at the 37th Blue Dragon Film Awards nominations in the movie 'lady'.
Kim Minhui is gonna rose to seven days juyeonsang Blue Dragon Film Awards this year, Fox announced by the Secretariat, including the candidate Kim Minhui's "Goodbye single 'Kim Hess, 'Princess Deokhye' Son Ye-jin, "Kill that woman 'Yun Yeojeong, He raised the name of the "worst day" Han Ye-ri fox with juyeonsang candidate.

Kim Minhui

Kim Minhui is this year's Cannes Film Festival Invitation a lady unknown soknae in the 'lady' take charge 'hideko Station've taken an interest Spreading rolled, but the face in public that became known world, relations with Hong Sang Soo director after the film opened early last six It does not reveal.

Kim Minhui

Kim Minhui

If only Kim Minhui Actress swooped name the candidate attended indeyo yet unknown 'lady' had appeared suggestions of Kim Minhui in France after the appearance is but a report that discussed the return to meet with the former manager of the recent Kim Minhui not yet expressed any position status.

Kim Minhui that a cease activities during've been rife with several stories have appeared on a French film, There are many stories coming out of retirement will be such a showbiz.

Kim Minhui cheongryongsang

Recently, however, Kim Minhui has greeted the former manager of'm weighing silrigo story that discusses the mana return to facts actor Kim Minhui actress is ripe the Chungmuro ​​reality directors and producers are in full swing work on the shortage without virtue ripened and that the story that Kim Minhui is returning soon the reason is that the weight is carried.

Lady Kim Minhui

In the coming 25 days will unfold cheongryongsang Film Festival film "Gokseong 'The Choi Woosu Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Fox rookie awards including the name raised a total of 11 nominations him back 'to Busan, the nine sectors, The eight sectors 'lady', This "emissary" was nominated in seven categories:.

Kim Minhui

In addition, the 'tunnel' and 'The Insider' have climbed the six candidates 'black priests' and 'Ashura' was the rear of the five categories. Following the four divisions 'Dongju', He has raised the name of the two nominations "Goodbye Single 'and' Princess Deokhye '.

Kim Minhui

On the other hand, you seem to come look at a public appearance in 25 days Kim Minhui is the 37th film festival cheongryongsang unfolding in the Hall of Kyung Hee University, Seoul Peace is center of attention.

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