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Woojin Choi Hong-man comeback defeat me Fung wins lack of speed

Choi Hong-man suffered a defeat at the spirals comeback in 7 years.
Choi Hong-man will last six days, China Hunan Province held angry "Silk ingsyung PFC at Ewha City Sports Center’ It was unanimous panjeongpae me Wuzhen Peng of China was hosted kickboxing tournament.

Choi Hong-man

7Choi Hong-man in a spiral on his return only one key is required geotinde is 40cm weight is less than his hand to me Wuzhen Ping Player of the 88kg lightweight and China
Deprived of victory it fell to me to Woojin Choi Hong-man lead group attached zip on the fly without departure.

Choi Hong-man comeback
Choi Hong-man will have finished the game with a helpless look did not try again gyeolruk yireotdahal attacks, while only consistent defense.

The referee was chirwot a disappointing comeback with unanimous panjeongpae.

Choi Hong-man comeback defeat

Choi Hong-man China

Choi Hong-man haetneundeyo before the game is expected to achieve an overwhelming height and weight as the other players in the overwhelming victory away to me, but made a popping Woojin look going throughout the game dragged me involved in a skillful play of Wuzhen Peng.

Fans of the panjeongpae haetneundeyo Choi Hong-man will not conceal his disappointment, especially fellow player, A Sol Kwon Martial Arts has caught the eye strongly criticized by Choi Hong-man sns.

Woojin Choi Hong-man Low Peng

Gwonsangsol before the game against Choi Hong-man, "China has a kid and the game," said a sarcastic atneundeyo after Choi Hong-man Choi Hong-man panjeongpae later said, "Choi Hong-man was a Chinese player 172cm. X were the disgrace in international disgrace. The following have you angain sunsil "said Choi Hong-man strongly criticized the.


A Sol Kwon was also the year subject to such provocation last April FC before loading the game "are need to stop the movement," he said throw towards Choi Hong-man picked up the glove.

Woojin Choi Hong-man Low Peng

Woojin Choi Hong-man Low Peng

Choi Hong-man is this year's 10,036 vertical sport indeyo age of the elderly are being evaluated jyeotdaneun actually considerably less than the amount in the heyday with the recent defeat in a row.


Choi Hong-man player is a result of the falling speed than the prime This is to keep up with the fast players active form I play Hvar As look as tight and subsequent defeat will come.

Choi Hong-man

Choi Hong-man
The defeat came in the game, while also reinforcing the speed did not even bring up results that I have defeated me Wuzhen Feng player whose weight is much lower than their.


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