Kim Gun Mo mental age test 10-year-old hit Ugly our kittens

Kim Gun Mo mental age test results came out the level of less than 10 years old.
Kim Gun Mo and the result is that our SBS Ugly chicks appeared're'm coming four days is the result of a mental age test shows Kim Gun Mo in '10 under the age of childhood "in the studio with me made the doganitang LOL.

Kim Gun Mo Ji Sang-Ryeol

In our last broadcast Ugly chicks is packed by Kim Gun Mo Ji Sang-Ryeol in neundeyo Ji Sang-Ryeol home bangmungi the pyeolchyeojyeot live with a dog four puppies t-shirts and food ingredients Ji Sang-Ryeol did visit the house.

Comes after the last broadcast in the 4th broadcast Suppose that unfolded in the House Ji Sang-Ryeol.
In particular, it should have to look for Kim Gun Mo jwachungwoodol and the dog goes to a mental age test during dinner pyeolchyeojimyeo kill-time

Kim Gun Mo

Kim Gun Mo, "I think myself Iooks great.", "Money is the most important thing in life," Kim Gun Mo is a question I'd like answered frankly that

It makes things a mother worried in the usual shows Kim Gun Mo seemed immature, but his appearance was testing out the mental age Results of "childhood under 10 years old.".

Kim Gun Mo Age

Kim Gun Mo

In addition, mental age test during Kim Gun Mo said, "when you want to run away from home because she was" called to have the mother of Kim Gun Mo Kim Gun Mo's inner thoughts could imagine no confession will surprise surprised.

Kim Gun Mo Ugly our kittens

We Ugly chicks Kim Gun Mo

In fact, I think the sons of one's thoughts about the story you want to run away from home because the mother still makes it on the air flustered mother receive shock…

It would have to go to marry as soon as facts while watching TV I think Kim Gun Mo haneungeo so well Lotta Having a good man to live alone, especially if you live loosely and roughly meal by stuffing if I have a lot to eat ramen

Kim Gun Mo mental age

Kim Gun Mo

Kim Gun Mo joggers are at all going to see that particular dish I was surprised.
Too good to chores, try to think over whether the idea would not want to marry yet.
This year is just around the gateuni please have good news next year -


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