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Praised beauty can not exist on earth Oh Hyeongyeong

Kim Su-ro has released about 20 years ago relationship with Oh Hyeongyeong.
Oh Hyeongyeong eat well to live well SBS broadcasted the 6th Law, Did you have a meal? He'd appeared in MC Kim Su-ro recalls the 20 years, and I were happy for Oh Hyeongyeong.

Oh Hyeongyeong

Oh Hyeongyeong is, as everyone knows who's Miss Korea
Oh Hyeongyeong was elected Miss Korea lost the 33rd Miss Korea Contest 1989 will be selected as Charlie would put a representative of the Republic of Korea.

Oh Hyeongyeong

Oh Hyeongyeong Kim Su-ro is a "thought beauty can not exist on earth," reports that appeared in the TV drama, said recalling the past and the past has exposed the hunting episode Oh Hyeongyeong.

Miss Korea Oh Hyeongyeong

Kim Su-ro is haetneundeyo say "in front of the old mother accidentally saw the University Oh Hyeongyeong" he said, "especially the time was wearing red pants still remains in the memory."
Following the Friends of Kim Su-ro, who was at the time, "you do best out of us, Go and hang one end of it that recalls the past, "he encouraged friends.

Oh Hyeongyeong

The story of Oh Hyeongyeong Kim Su-ro has aroused curiosity and say, "I have a lot of different and talk about the past.".

오현경은 1988년 계원예술고등학교 2학년 시절 KBS 드라마 ‘사랑이 꽃피는 나무’로 연예계 생활을 시작 했는데요 이후 1989년 단국대학교 연극영화과 1학년 재학 중 제 33회 미스코리아 대회에서 진으로 선발 되었습니다.

Oh Hyeongyeong

Oh Hyeongyeong

이후 1991년 연예계를 떠나 미국에서 체류 하다. 2002년 강제규 감독의 영화 ‘블루’, Through it, such as "Yada" reverts back to showbiz life. 데뷔 10년 만인 2007년 SBS 주말드라마 ‘조강지처클럽’을 출연 하면서 공식적으로 연예계 활동을 다시 시작 했는데 정말 행운이었을까요 당시 ‘조강지처클럽’ 은 시청롤 40%를 돌파하며 큰 인기를 얻었고 오현경은 해당 작품으로 2008년 SBS 연기대상에서 우수상을 수상하면서 안정적으로 복귀에 성공 하게 됩니다.

The First Wives Club Oh Hyeongyeong

Oh Hyeongyeong

While traveling with Oh Hyeongyeong 'Did you eat well and eat well to live' is coming doeneundeyo broadcast 25 minutes am 86 days Sunday Oh Hyeongyeong's hope not the required large scar there was a wound in the hand flat, coming up the stairs while shooting.

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