Praised beauty can not exist on earth Oh Hyun-kyung

Kim Su-ro has released about 20 years ago relationship with Oh Hyun-kyung.
Oh Hyun-kyung eat well to live well SBS broadcasted the 6th Law, Did you have a meal? He'd appeared in MC Kim Su-ro recalls the 20 years, and I were happy for Oh Hyun-kyung.

Oh Hyun-kyung

Oh Hyun-kyung is, as everyone knows who's Miss Korea
Oh Hyun-kyung was elected Miss Korea lost the 33rd Miss Korea Contest 1989 will be selected as Charlie would put a representative of the Republic of Korea.

Oh Hyun-kyung

Oh Hyun-kyung Kim Su-ro is a "thought beauty can not exist on earth," reports that appeared in the TV drama, said recalling the past and the past has exposed the hunting episode Oh Hyun-kyung.

Miss Korea Oh Hyun-kyung

Kim Su-ro is haetneundeyo say "in front of the old mother accidentally saw the University Oh Hyun-kyung" he said, "especially the time was wearing red pants still remains in the memory."
Following the Friends of Kim Su-ro, who was at the time, "you do best out of us, Go and hang one end of it that recalls the past, "he encouraged friends.

Oh Hyun-kyung

The story of Oh Hyun-kyung Kim Su-ro has aroused curiosity and say, "I have a lot of different and talk about the past.".

Oh Hyun-kyung have been selected to the camp in the 1988 KBS drama officers Arts High School sophomore years after the start haetneundeyo showbiz life as "love flowering trees, Dankook University, Theater Film freshman 33rd Miss Korea contest in school 1989.

Oh Hyun-kyung

Oh Hyun-kyung

Since 1991, leaving the entertainment industry, it is staying in the United States. 2002Movie director Kang Je-gyu of the Year 'Blue', Through it, such as "Yada" reverts back to showbiz life. Debut was as appeared to all men 2007 SBS weekend drama "The First Wives Club '10 officially launched the entertainment activities re really lucky yieoteulkkayo time," The First Wives Club "has scored the viewer rolls 40 percent, and gained great popularity Oh Hyun-kyung in 2008 by its work year will be successful, stable returns, while the Excellence award at the SBS Drama Awards.

The First Wives Club Oh Hyun-kyung

Oh Hyun-kyung

While traveling with Oh Hyun-kyung 'Did you eat well and eat well to live' is coming doeneundeyo broadcast 25 minutes am 86 days Sunday Oh Hyun-kyung's hope not the required large scar there was a wound in the hand flat, coming up the stairs while shooting.


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