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Crown J Seo Inyoung remarried eight years

The Crown J and Seo Inyoung were reunited as a couple in eight years.

On the last day with jtbc's Crown J and Seo Inyoung has debut as a virtual couple. 두 사람은 지난 2008년 mbc 우리결혼했어요 시즌 1에서 가상부부로 출연 후 8년만에 다시 부부로 함께 출연 하게 되었다.

Crown J Seo Inyoung

Indeyo fact himdeunge even once appeared as virtual Crown J Seo Inyoung couple have fans and viewers' attention is focused as have the new title of the couple remarried in eight years, while the second appeared as a virtual couple.

In the first episode Seo Inyoung wanted to go "Frankly I fled to the Crown J. I slept wrong yesterday sleep. Hadeora too cramped. What serves is the one, "he said" one worried too come to this place as beolryeotda Say "I laugh jugido.

Crown J Seo Inyoung

Following the "relationship of brother and me is the most important" and "We Got Married enjoyed only showing on one side was young we've. It is here that the depth. More Jean I hope to support the conclusion "he said," it was said to jitja the negotiations "boyigido a strong commitment to the virtual couple appeared with Crown J.

Crown J Seo Inyoung

The Crown Jay "If iteunikka older married cr ... I eotteol know whether H. Say "I laugh jugido.

Also received love "in front of the camera thereafter met without camera. Another way to show on camera. You're a woman and there are many situations Show your look exciting said would damage things "made it look forward to broadcasting.

Crown J Seo Inyoung

The two people is gonna posted a small wedding in the street by chance saw them was a singer Henry was appointed to the community. Two people at the request of Henry lot of people watching among the first kiss he gave a great view of the redness becomes embarrassed to face up to Crown J Seo Inyoung to kiss laugh.

Crown J Seo Inyoung

The first kiss of the Crown J Seo Inyoung's "felt my heart beating first. Breathing also andwaego breath got stuck, "he said crown Jay" Many is the first time I loved our natural physical contact. Keith was shy, saying that you do not know. ".

Crown J Seo Inyoung

Crown J Seo Inyoung

The second virtual couple married couple married couple alkongdalkong love story of two people ahead Crown J Seo Inyoung is already expected from.

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