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Na Hoon-a Divorce third marriage failed marriage to 10,033 years

Na Hoon-a divorce in 10,033 years

The singer Na Hoon-a wife and jeongmossi galraseo it was five years filed for divorce.
31One Suwon District Court approved a divorce for divorce and property division proceedings by the wife of Na Hoon-a jeongmossi raised and ruled that let the 1.21 billion won to jeongmossi paid Na Hoon-a.

Na Hoon-a
Na Hoon-a

Itdamyeonseo Na Hoon-a wife and jeongmossi broke a long call is the last in August 2011 jeongmossi Na Hoon-a is committing adultery without not even filed for divorce and started living.
This was followed by Na Hoon-a judge eventually found that I do not want a divorce.
2013September, the Supreme Court dismissed and to keep down the marriage the plaintiff loses ruling proceedings would put However, as the October 2014 Na Hoon-a there is no commitment to marriage was again sued the 31st court approved the divorce of two people it was.Na Hoon-a

Na Hoon-a The two I'm leaving a son and 1 lady in the knee married in 1983 was reportedly living apart in their children's education issues since 1993.

1966Na Hoon-a-year Seorabeol debuted in the music industry with the release notice a sophomore at the time, cheonrigil 'is living proof live music industry in Korea and a large indeyo singer Na Hoon-a big star drew a plan of the music industry as received tremendous popularity in one body,.Na Hoon-a

Na Hoon-a But marriage is not so popular compared to haetneundeyo not smooth, but married to Mr. Lee Sukhui 1973 but divorced two years later had a second marriage with the actress Kim Jimi fell in 1976 and divorced six years while the second marriage also failed.

After marriage and his wife jeongmossi th March 1983, but was re-divorced 31 October 2016.

Na Hoon-a is haetneundeyo also suffer a variety of rumors, with the most famous is very popular in 2008, press conference.Na Hoon-a
Na Hoon-a time has also taken a big topic Le performances up on a single phase at a press conference about the rumors stating that comes with trying to prove the Yakuza and fertilizing down pants.

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