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Rainbow disbanded his debut seven years expired contracts

Rainbow Group is reportedly dismantled news. Haetneundeyo announced the Rainbow disbanded in Rainbow's agency DSP Media on the 28th morning DSP Media, "in the last seven years between DSP Media Sector artist to expire exclusive contract with the bundling dongrak Rainbow comes portion 12 November 2016 DSP MIDI been with us will, "he said.

Girl group Rainbow

Ray Bow for dismantling the meantime, the members talked and preached that story, but decided to go their separate ways.

Rainbow is Kim Jaegyeong, And we, Gimjisuk, sunset, Ohseungah, Jeong Yunhye, Indeyo 7 artificial girl group to johyeonyoung agency has said, "The company is the Rainbow is one point I hope that memories eseona to eonjae appearance of everywhere bright and positive, like seven-colored rainbow shining brightly trying to send generous support and remote chaff of the girls new activities and future" reported.


Rainbow members regret dots that make their own I'd had decided to go the way why the Rainbow dismantling unfortunate something other than the group disbanded dismantling without seeing standing still normal, while for seven years after his debut to concentrate on acting and learning you give.


2009Rainbow was released in May and the official debut Gossip Girl 11 years received attention as a sister group of the group you will eventually go their separate ways at the time of his debut only debut seven years would put rainbow color.


In fact, the Rainbow Group, which is also what one junior debut at the agency, such as Kara was awarded a rating that is likely to attract the public attention of a dominating personality 7 member group that will grow with the new Top girl group Kara followed by enough.

Rainbow disbanded

Rainbow members

2010Year released 'A’ And subsequently launched the 'Maha' Let's not get much attention, unlike neundeyo members would put expected to focus on individual activities and Kim Jaegyeong and we, Johyeonyoung had to work as an actor. In particular, Kim Jaegyeong was matgido to MC Beauty program.



Johyeonyoung had also noticed smoke in personality and appearance in 'film dwaemeokeun Mr. Lee Young Ae' was also a hot topic as a singer Alex devotees public.
Members gimjisuk has worked hard enough to be selected as an active blogger known as a blogger I power power blogger has also worked as a reporter relayed KBS 2TV yeonyega.

Rainbow disbanded

Last year, Feb. haetneundeyo has released a new album coming up to monolith, but it is a long contract expires at the situation did not work last February announced a mini-album 'Prism', but do not reap big results.

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