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If Anna JTBC News Room 2000 best beauty 1

The beauty of JTBC newsroom environment Announcer Anna has become a topic every day.
If you and Anna announcer whopping 2,000 one day I'm keeping through Son Seokhui Son Seokhui of the next seat anchors the competition announcer announcer If picked Anna directly.

If Anna Dress

Last September haetneundeyo appeared in JTBC abnormal talks January 12, Anna If Announcer Anna If the announcer at the time of the haetneundeyo say "fairest or not plucked thing to say best." When asked why this disconnect Anna If the announcer, "I'm the reason most I also say that I wonder. ".

If Anna

If Anna announcer

In addition, the announcer called Anna around the anchor Son Seokhui, senior hand "is" dere-style village on the anchor Son Seokhui. Gives snatching seemed indifferent "and" Why look gives voted nyago ask not to say a word well haejusigo thrown by tuk-tuk, "he said.

If Anna

If Anna announcer

In addition, Anna If the announcer has a young sensation not unlike the "usual my age for men Son Seokhui anchor gyesinde, I Say Know That wearing glasses is surprised drizzle glasses When you see an article called "laugh it jugido.

jtbc newsrooms around Anna

If Anna jtbc Newsroom

If Anna goes chokorit cake
Haetneundeyo not talking about the appearance and the necessary virtues of nagyeongeun announcer announcer Anna Sir, "I think viewers that are right for you if you have any realistic effort appearance. I've also share the favorite I think appearance is important, as the announcer said many times, "a cake stand or a chokorit.

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