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Shin Seongwoo female beauty married 15 years younger

Shin Seongwoo reportedly marriage news. Shin Seongwoo is coming up in mid-December four years the public who came to dusk communion and weddings.
Shin Seongwoo and the bride will have already finished the sanggyeonrye booking a wedding hall wedding in the Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Shin Seongwoo has decided to raise the former home indeyo be 49 years this year, the production in 1968 by meeting the bride had to worry seriously about marriage, I olrindago 50s wedding not passed this year.

Shin Seongwoo brides

But the bride to be married to Shin Seongwoo plays such an as much as 15 years younger and Shin Seongwoo ~ You're really amazing psychic

An aide to the marriage of Shin Seongwoo has said that "Although younger than the Park Shin Seongwoo Park was also ready to get married, because the Shin Seongwoo have entered the marriageable age to fold a single long life.".

Shin Seongwoo

Shin Seongwoo wedding

We both men before marriage I'd say 'I' I think I might be uncomfortable to live with two people who have lived a long time as a young bride long single brother in your heart as alkongdalkong living gasigil.

Meanwhile, Shin Seongwoo announced the first album "towards tomorrow" in 1992 and debuted in showbiz debut haetneundeyo time Shin Seongwoo has earned the nickname 'teriwooseu' in the face of a piece with long hair.

Shin Seongwoo old

Shin Seongwoo 15 years younger
Of course, this is still really good saenggyeotjyo Denis idea that man look handsome women Would you like…

1Announced after the home 'stood', "The reason rests in the glow ', While obtaining consistently popular, etc., after the beloved 'geuya words were a star.

Shin Seongwoo

Shin Seongwoo wedding

Shin Seongwoo wedding wedding pictorials

Shin Seongwoo wedding bride wedding pictorials public

With singer and appeared in the drama film prayed width of the area he has served as a musical actor.
Currently, the versatile singer Bae Woogyeom also been recognized as you are served as musical Baekseok University professor Carver.

161212 Additional input
Shin Seongwoo will raise private wedding at the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel Seoul at 7:00 this afternoon..
Shin Seongwoo is that we consider the fact that the bride has the wedding private, public jeonhaeng.
Shin Seongwoo is, when starring in June Happy Together 3 haetneundeyo the Ahn Jaeuk Shin Seongwoo is the envy story at the time, "Ahn Jaeuk is never envious when others. But envy wedding nalman. There was no remaining cases outside Um Ki-joon Ahn Jaeuk believe. So the promise geolro go to Um Ki-joon later than I Say "haetneundeyo jugido laughter.

Shin Seongwoo wedding

Before Shin Seongwoo is neundeyo said that "stage actors were able to join inevitable wedding on Monday as the day no shows on Mondays" on wedding invitations also "was crowned the ceremony to care for a person to be his wife enjoy the day as a public relations in private." I said that.
Shin Seongwoo and sinseongbu bride I'd haewatdago fellowship for four years now seems to be no one envy Ahn Jaeuk.

Shin Seongwoo brides

Meanwhile, Shin Seongwoo recently in his SNS "continue with a happy marriage and we will repay enthusiastic activities! Let me ask a lot of encouragement "Tell a comment saying ahead of the wedding was also.

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