Why is Kim Gook Jin Kang Susie malicious comments

Kang Susie had appeared on Radio Star. Kim Gook Jin Kang Susie This is a real lover has appeared as a guest on a radio star that hit the MC.

Kim Wan-sun and the baksuhong gimsuyong being appeared with a flaming youth day, including Kang Susie radio star has appeared with.

Broadcasting the love story of two people daldalhan one round one while public "gukjin this type is called" common sense neundeyo you love someone as rapidly established yinikkanyo ㅎㅎ

It's usually most shatters divided into teams to deny the team cheering when celebrities announce the fact that devotees
In fact, when I tell the devotees indeyo the celebrity you suffer from all kinds of malicious comments, because a lot of celebrities are haneungeot secret love, but if you quit, but this capture to the public as part yeonyebu journalists seem unusual.

Kim Gook Jin Kang Susie couples was like

Two people did not disclose the devotees going after the end got a yeolaeseol Kim Gook Jin This article has recognized all the devotees.

But Kim Gook Jin Kang Susie couple of devotees and the public then by time or jealous of devotees of the two stories that I think are malicious comments are not
All told the public that Kim Wan-sun appeared with flaming youth that two men appeared together before the fact yeolaeseol am not spare the public support that also tale called "Look meet two people seriously.".
And viewers are also many articles that two people really want sagwimyeon.

Such couples receive the support and cheering of the crowd seems like there
Why watch and the fans and the public geolkkayo sending toxic nice warm feelings and support for Kim Gook Jin Kang Susie couple?

This can be seen in the appearance of the two men I'm in 'The Burning Youth'
There are two people experience a single failure in the marriage state shown in the broadcast was a feeling like 10 20s lively lovers.

Kim Gook Jin Kang Susie image shown when the older of the two men about the broadcast inde I also Crab fact become a little knowing smirk smirk was unable to find any such state.

Kang Susie the appearance of Kim Gook Jin to not know what to do Let's hear the story about walking holding hands wish shy and as if I jyeotneunde show the boy should such a procedure for the first time dating as also mark the Kang Susie's birthday Kim Gook Jin is sseojun "city" is also true.

Let's say that this ugly Kim Gook Jin Kang Susie is not your own "What's that I like it," replied haneum appearance Aced like watching the first love boys like girls.

Of course, I think that is a characteristic of directing the planned TV does not seem to think secretly appointed Somewhere Over the Recurrence heard that feeling seemed to resonate with all audiences also.

Eventually I watched such a figure hers out that article that two people really want sagwimyeon.

But I'd never think there is no malicious comments, but told me that there can be found a malicious comments than any other celebrity.

Sikyeotgo the true appearance of the two men impressed the crowds who do not look like that on the moon the malicious comments?

Kang Susie

The Love Story of Kang Susie Kim Gook Jin nowadays two people easily think of gender relations I think watching the first love of youth star to go care for each other and create a true love
Kim Gook Jin Kang Susie Couples My Story will also continue to support. ^^

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