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Radio Star Kim Gukjin Kang Susie national couples 'You need to shiver eopdanda'

The couple Kim Gukjin and Kang Susie loved to surprise people couple appeared on Radio Star.
Kang Susie Kim Gukjin and Kim Wan-sun of the woman appeared to baksuhong gimsuyong decorated with "Burning Las' Special.
I'd say the love story of Kim Gukjin and Kang Susie will be released for only a love story of two people yieotji originally scheduled to last 12 days shows due to 'DMC festival became slide in 19 days.



That seems like the people who have disappointed many wait for a radio star I did was.
Later that day I DMC paeseutibeol ratings nationwide basis 3.5% He told me this was a radio star sicheol rate in the previous week 8.7% Given what you really did was incredibly fall




Kang Susie Kim Gukjin and Kim Wanseon
I think you can properly see the love story of a couple in the radio star Kim Gukjin Kang Susie Today
In particular, it said Kim Wanseon is also the role of Cupid two people.
Ask 'Flaming Youth' is Kim Gukjin Kang Susie Kim Wanseon, which appeared to meet privately with direct solicitation he placed a.



Kim Wanseon is "the expression is, it's when two people tteuak" said buttoned down as "frozen moment it begins to show a negative reaction to quit the role of Cupid's two" John
Maybe I do not even know that time is already dating iteotneun
Kim Gukjin Kang Susie is I'd already had a relationship for 20 years, it should disclose all in today's program.




Kang Susie Kim Gukjin and the love story for the public
Kang Susie said, "Mr. Kim Gukjin die because people do not tell me there is some means have to talk out here," I'd said publicly that the love story between Kim Gukjin
Kang Susie is the weakest among the Moment of Love Moment Kim Gukjin, saying that surprised everyone told to confess that "I think you're a child I gave birth.".


Kang Susie loves the physical contact of energized Kim Gukjin broadcasting
Today Radio Star is a favorite I think is going to be equal Kim Gukjin Kang Susie Featured
Haeteuni appeared in full swing with a rising middle-aged love ourselves when going to boil to-day wonder.
During the broadcast Kang Susie smiled matchumyeo keep eyes and I'd Kim Gukjin boyeotdago a subtle physical contact
Kim Gukjin Kang Susie watching the love of two people has been felt keenly not make it a beautiful 20,010 20 Love.

It also makes one movie to the love story of two people with equal lifting the thoughts'll be fun.

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