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Hwangjeong husband and Lee Youngdon ballpark dating acquisition

Hwangjeong enjoyed the ballpark dating with her husband,.
Hwangjeong has become a big topic in the last 16 days 17 days her husband, a businessman who was watching the Golf Open Nexen Heroes and LG coming Wins Game 3 and Game 4 game at Jamsil ballpark with the appearance of Lee Youngdon hwangjeong couple japhimyeonseo the relay camera.
As hwangjeong couple hwangjeong the rise in real-time searches after caught on camera showing a hot reaction.

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Like the last two months of the wedding couple japhimyeonseo with the camera I have questions about the married life of a star that exploded.

Recent hwangjeong are often released through his Instagram after marriage. golf, riding, Here haetneundeyo also released a photo of the view to enjoy the journey, such as enjoying a luxurious life after marriage, it seems very happy hwangjeong.

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Hwangjeong when there is a July appearance on KBS2 yeonyega relay disclose the love of her husband haetneundeyo may cause envy of everyone at the time hwangjeong the party her husband say "good everything from head to toe to" "the honeymoon I aejeongsin drama "haetneundeyo replied that hwangjeong is" How's the response, "the question is hwangjeong" dolls have said to laughter jugido'll have my brother called me doll punish ".

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Also saying that the child is planning four people "but now I want to enjoy honeymoon, I want the future father of four people, "said the child's plan was balhigido.




After getting married in shooting drama unppal romance, for Ryu Junyeol the kissing scene is hwangjeong "To be honest, when you refused me to kiss the bishop," said Field jugido laugh Say "I do Sodding Sodding are all brothers and sisters.".

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