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Avatar Special Ladies legs appeared jealous of Ko Seonghui

The actress Ko Seonghui starred in a special incarnation of jealousy.

Ko Seonghui has seemed to have a relationship that had appeared on mbc Miss Korea Ko Seonghui Seo Sook-hyang's author in 2014 that I'd be starring in 'incarnation of jealousy "in relationship with Seo Sook-hyang writer.




In the incarnation of Ko Seonghui I'm jealous that I'd met at the same time that the previous legs maid appeared at Ewha God appeared to Oh Suyoung appeared briefly during a conversation in the last three broadcasts

Ko Seonghui has been for him to state that shooting is finished, the incarnation of envy 'is itjyo give a lot of love in old performer also become a hot topic, but naemyeo contains a certain presence, but the actors who appeared a short time while a special




Actress Han Ji Min to start Jun Hyun-Moo, Oh Jeongyeon, Kim Gyeongran, Lee Seongyun, etc. juyeongeup actors are appearing as a cameo and even doubles the fun of drama.

An incarnation of jealousy that appeared Ko Seonghui is coming that appeared in the 19th 17th broadcast.




In the 19th broadcast that "the incarnation of jealousy" is that even battering Table naira per Gong Hyo-jin pass the test hole, but can not keep sitting on the news desk of a label contract.

Gong Hyo-jin has also acted boldly visible words and colors in front of the boss, but the moment I'd come up seoreoun mind would stimulate the viewers' hearts



Do not leave the cup is filled to continue drinking even a bomb Gong Hyo-jin of the firm is that it will be drawn to the figure struggling to be recognized as an announcer while tying the Spirit.

Also, I think we also offer special attractions courtship lasting anchorage of Ewha God.

I really can catch both rabbits Table Sahib love one

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