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Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan Nobel Prize "City for the ears’

US pop singer Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.
And the world is crazy about Bob Dylan Nobel Prize news. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Nobel Committee said, "The great American music Bob Dylan came up to create a new poetic expression in the traditional awarding of the Nobel Prize in Literature" for the 13th Bob Dylan Nobel Prize in local time.
Nobel Prize Bob Dylan is the first awarded to a commercial artist became the first American to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature since Toni Morrison in 1993 to 20 million.

밥딜런 노벨문학상
At the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences it has presented condolences to Bob Dylan Nobel Prize.


밥딜런 The music of Bob Dylan is gonna had a considerable influence in the popular culture of Korea Han Dae-soo 1960, Kim Mingi, Yanghuieun, Yangbyeongjip, Through seoyuseok had a great influence also the folk singer caused a craze in Korea 1970. Yea applied his influence to singers such as Kim Gwangseok part adapted to the songs of Bob Dylan was still really great songs of Bob Dylan is very much to love.밥딜런


밥딜런 Dylan began writing poetry since the age of 10, but admission to the University of Minnesota in 1959 he dropped out of the 1961.
Since Bob Dylan headed blindly York to meet his idol, former singer Woody Guthrie traveled around the Greenwich Village club is playing music deulmyeo medalist in the eyes of John Hammond was his debut as a singer.밥딜런


밥딜런 Why the Nobel Prize Bob Dylan is remarkable because the Nobel Prize is given to writers.
Hangeoteuro seems much appreciates the ability to write the lyrics of Bob direon.
Bookman's not the fact that everything Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature, the first is, not.
Historians 'Theodore momjen', Politicians Winseuteon Cheochil, Philosopher Bertrand Russell, Although Sartre jalpol they had a history of activity within the scope of literature it is winning over as the singer Bob Dylan first.밥딜런


밥딜런 1990There was a rumor that's since won several Nobel Prize nominations did not actually ever won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016 had also won that Bob Dylan as Murakami Haruki is influential.
But it opened the lid to the real Bob Dylan awarded.밥딜런


밥딜런 Representative songs of Bob Dylan released "Blowing In The Wind" in 1962(Blowing in the wind), 1973Years 'knocking on doors hebeunseu'(Knocking on heaven’s door)Etc., and in 1975, the De Tangle Up Blue '(Tangled up in blue), 1997Year, it makes oil field My Love '(Make you feel my love) Also it has been the public's love.
The Royal Academy of Sciences in Switzerland was praised, saying, "When for the ears" for the songs of Bob Dylan..

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