Seo Hyun-jin Chapter Awards makchum also ohhaeyoung

Awards makchum the actor Seo Hyun-jin is becoming a hot topic.

Seo Hyun-jin Seo Hyun-jin has been awarded for the past nine days starring drama "Another ohhaeyoung 'to' Rocco Quinn 'award at the ceremony tvN caught on camera in a dance form makchum with Seo Hyun-jin another team ohhaeyoung.
Seo Hyun-jin's "really enjoyable while another ohhaeyoung" he said, "Age is met with the same age as the character again there was none of the men jjinggeurineun ohhaeyoung taken in award. I happily took, "said a comment.서현진


서현진 Since Seo Hyun-jin is another exciting aspect is the makchum dancing under the stage with the cast was captured ohhaeyoung. Seo Hyun-jin unaccompanied makchum were providing good sights to viewers.
In addition, as the figure dances to the music of the singer PSY come on stage to celebrate the capture agents are concentrated interest in Seo Hyun-jin.서혀진


서현진 Also starring in Eric ohhaeyoung a counterpart of Seo Hyun-jin haetneundeyo also awarded the Roc King drama "Another ohhaeyoung 'cast the main character, Eric Seo Hyun-jin, each loco King, It won the award Rocco Quinn has become a hot topic.
Eric "The Seo Hyun-jin's gotta celebrate the second gave the public relations myth fans audit" "ve hangeotdo you for different heavier," he said at the award said the award.서현진


서현진 Eric Seo Hyun-jin is one tvN drama 'Another ohhaeyoung "starring appearances were broadcast the first episode started last May 2 in a total of 18 episodes.
Two women in bondage and love akyeon Seo Hyun-jin Green TV drama at the time of the smoke with the same name ohhaeyoung was awarded rave reviews.서현진


서현진 Meanwhile, Seo Hyun-jin spared praise for the tvN drama at all interviews anatneundeyo like Seo Hyun-jin is a lot of young creative sense "anjeun covered by other broadcasters. The Ambassador also catches well in the mouth in a position to close said smoke in real life. ".서현진


서현진막춤 In addition, "is the work that the state of acting hechin fully released in part" 'And ohhaeyoung' for saying "I hope my act in the future want ohhaeyoung is the foundation of life," he said.

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