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Lee Si-young why she was doing boxing

The actress Lee Si-young told a brother appeared to know testimonies. Lee Si-young told hasyeoseo is easy to please just know # # brother more than a good brother to his Instagram ... I really just Sorry wrist brother brother Ho-dong is more nervous sseojugo Thanks, The purpose of the team lead Uh-huh articles and know that your brother hung ㅜㅜ "posted a picture appeared.이시영


이시영 Lee Si-young appeared in the last eight days have to know your brother was introduced as it appeared dressed in their uniforms of the future hope "hyeonmoyangcheo".
Min Gyeonghun said, "When I have a real eye alone malda. My style is perfect, "said Lee Sang-min is pulled heard the appeal" real rattling actually prettier, "he told Kim Huicheol is reported that Lee Si-young holding a flower," he said, who welcomed the price do not give flowers, ".이시영


이시영 Let's say that after Kang was "inconceivable even really like," said Lee Si-young also said to make everyone laugh, "Well, I have XX".
Lee Si-young's "wonder why I love boxing?"I deonjyeotneun the question, this is Lee Sugeun" I wanted to protect myself so pretty, "said Kim Huicheol said the" absurd was the answer he wanted to create an excuse to nose surgery ". The Lee Si-young is to punish ppyongmangchi and gave laughter.이시영


이시영 Lee Si-young is described haetneundeyo havoc in boxing punches Lee Si-young is "correct the pit of the stomach is not just sheer breath, The correct term surprised me all that comes after the two outermost a tremendous impact. ".
In addition, Lee Sugeun will receive a punch would put penalties to Lee Si-young Lee Si-young is "below where ah right wrist?"Let me ask you a smile that is Lee Sugeun" was riseyo you anywhere anyway ve nowhere to write, "he told The boxing glove gloved right hand Gardenia ship of Lee Sugeun Lee Sugeun is" whoops "and scream jugido laughter.이시영


이시영 This came after Kang Lee Sugeun is approaching a fist hit away jugido had a big smile.
Lee Si-young is gonna stated that "there are members of the anointing oil and the like boxing," Lee Si-young Lee Sang-min is pointed to as a member would like to recommend Boxing.이시영


이시영 The members for the "treatment of panic disorder?"I asked, this is Lee Si-young," he replied yes. ".
Lee Si-young said, "I saw a lot of people are talking haebomyeon deeply than I even panic disorder and depression also itdeora" said said, "but maybe not the sweating itself is the best treatment," Lee Sang-min is recommended for boxing.이시영


이시영 Record 3.879 percent viewership to this day know Brother Lee Si-young appeared and haetneundeyo recorded the highest ever viewership Lee Si-young are raised not up 4% of the audience was breath slowed and recorded 2% during that.
Meanwhile, Lee Si-young that I said "surprisingly boxing to the safe" for the reason that boxing in the broadcast.

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