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Son Yun-Jae

Son Yeon-jae sanctuary Marie Tel prehistoric real-time communication kkuljaem

The rhythmic gymnastics fairy hands the Lightning series starring Marie Tel.
The Tel-Marie, including hand MLT series 36 Released a live cast.
9One has to Tel Kim Gura, including the hand that series live, Singer Henry, The authors of the new study were included, such as gangseongtae.손연재


손연재 Son Yeon-jae starred in Marie Tel news viewers have already been slammed since I woke Son Yeon-jae has appeared with horses live in Tel recent topic is the universe girl group in the sanctuary.성소


성소 The sanctuary appeared on the broadcast along with Jeong Jaehyeong PD September Marmotte would put the topic at the time the sanctuary was filled with a great love for the audience wearing a tight body geongangmi Surfing Suits.
Also it obtained the gold medal in the rhythmic gymnastics section MBC Chuseok Special "Idol Star Athletics Wrestling Futsal Archery Championships and has also emerged as a mainstream idol.손연재


손연재 Marie Tel MLT 36 I'd like a hand in the series is said to teach gymnastics to the sanctuary as a combination of mainstream and holy place of the group rhythmic gymnastics fairy hand-series is already expected from this.손연재


헨리 Marie Tel Son Yeon-jae, as well as starring Henry I also welcome
Expects the protagonist of the usual erratic four-dimensional character Henry boyeojulji a look at some horses have been one of Tel.
Henry violin, piano, I dye t such a versatile all-round well-known idol comes from this'm Marie Tel Henry holding something else entirely
The right real estate.헨리

헨리 Henry Estate? This will give the expected deliver a story of Henry Estate Korea, which i think near future and haetneundeyo assertion penny Korean.손연재 Meanwhile, Kim Gura, Gangseongtae, Hong Hyegeol air ester, Son Yun-Jae, Henry Marie Tel MNL 36 appearances for 9 nights and live through the next podcast TV shows are broadcast coming 15 days.

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