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Already even fatal presence SNL8 highest rating

While the actress has appeared in yimido SNL8 viewers are enthusiastic about her presence.
Yimido is haetneundeyo appeared as a guest on SNL last eight days had also been completely captivated the audience from the first appearance of the eye.이미도


이미도 Dressed in a dazzling dress next to a line teuim yimido has also appeared as a topic to create an associative search term immediately after the broadcast, also already in shape, with extraordinary sense of volume.
Especially in this day broadcasting yimido said I have a guest appearance SNL Ryu Seyun appeared a drag queen and along the back of the yimido came to the door of entry with Ryu Seyun.이미도


이미도 As shown in the photo below is already about Ryu Seyun also believe that if the two sisters.
Ryu Seyun made fatter they argue that yimido and showcase a dazzling showdown with comical dance momdae fled the atmosphere gets hot from the start.이미도


이미도 Since Shin Dongyeop This one corner appeared to pay yimido the sun appeared in the third consort serves a nongyeom smoke had a big smile.
Also surprising was the acting stands out from the yimido 'Extra Love ".
A yimido starred with Kim Min-kyo is "Is it the actor soheulhi smoke," said a body shot and killed Station, Was completely digested Lee raised huge areas. Exceptional acting of yimido also transformed into a sample seven tables and the black body was a storm brings laughter as to make the blind also opened the eyes.이미도


이미도 Yimido is I never have shed the end tears in the final closing yimido has said, "it came to the host at the place he started acting at 10 years 'Punk 2' touching adorable", "did well for 10 years is the night would you give praise themselves" he said.
Following yimido is preaching that "I gave so much help to shine the host did not have too many people coming in splendor while preparing Liege banjak and shiny," he said "The costs gratitude," the tears wet.
Yimido of yimido mother was watching TV in the audience seats are also watching the look the look of her eyes shed caught on camera.이미도

이미도 Meanwhile SNL8 imido broadcast Nielsen Korea based average rating 2.4% Moments SNL season with ratings of 3.6% 8 Record your own best audience, and took the same time ratings first place.

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