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Sechs Kies new song in three words, Taiwan, Hong Kong, chart, 1st and 2nd Jackpot

Group Sechs Kies is published three words, and it leads to an explosive reaction in the domestic charts and overseas market.
Sechs Kies is haetneundeyo disclose the three words on the 7th new song new song Sechs Kies 'three words' members are united again, the response to whether to recover the prestige of the past Sechs Kies in terms of new songs released in 16 years out.젝스키스


젝스키스 In particular, Sechs Kies three words are causing blowing hot interested in that batdeon evaluate the best group Sechs Kies' 90s with the best agency YG Entertainment Dane Enter a first work focused breathing.젝스키스


젝스키스 After the public "Three Words" was ranked first in the original sound Mellon largest site Mnet, Genie, Ole Music, Soribada, Naver Music, Bucks Monkey olkil charts in the domestic market, such as 3 and veterans showed that desperately not dead.젝스키스


직스키스 Sechs Kies three words are domestic as well as international charts in the ohreumyeo sunwigwon after "three words" release shows again the power of the State eotneundeyo Sechs Kies, Taiwan No.1, Hong Kong No. 2, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, posted on the name of Sechs Kies major Asian countries top the iTunes charts.직스키스

직스키스 젝스키스 Also, keep the first place from the 'three words' immediately after the disclosure in China's largest source site QQ real-time popular music charts and is gaining tremendous popularity in Greater China.젝스키스


젝스키스 Haetneundeyo released a music video through YouTube Video Sechs Kies contained the appearance of preparing the preparation for the new song "three words" 16 years from the last farewell concert gamyeo beyond the current 10 manbyu had to realize that the popularity of Sechs Kies.젝스키스


젝스키스 The Sechs Kies debuted as "School byeolgok 'idol group from 6 to 15 April 1997 Shows Music Tank. Since 2016 it was dismantled in 2000 recovered the activity belongs to YG Entertainment.
Sechs Kies kimyeo activities during the day and music industry HOT Idol blast was two-headed carriage.

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