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Chae Ri-na diva singing my voice garage

Dina found a founding member Chae Ri-na contains a strong offensive on the last stage of the Divine.
Chae Ri-na is offended by his Instagram past four days, "humanly. Bureudeonga kkeomyeon my voice call out the diva sing a little cash, why deulyeoseo If the bureudeonga gonna bring money back to the lip-working arrangements .. very "he said." my voice came out there was someone else ppeonggeut ㅋㅋㅋ really blah and comedy second album CD sound as heard good public "articles and photos of the dog lying in the mouth.채리나


디바 Also it left a hash tag that is #dmc Legend Tote # # Divine Comedy # Why do I feel called # # # byeolrone lip-conscience # # menbung.
Announced when - "Legend Toto the DMC Festival a diva mega hits two home appearances in haetneundeyo sang" Why call 'diva' why call 'is Chae Ri-na is around 2 house activities leave a diva this day last 3 days the songs.
Diva is Chae Ri-na 1997, Vicki, Ginny is united haetneundeyo started working as a trio girl group after naemyeo hit songs such as' Why call "gained great popularity. 1997Ginny was a member in the trio to work with a former member Ginny join the group again, and after three home activities gatneundeyo after three home activities after the new recruit after Lee Mingyeong had to leave the residency issue withdrawal from Chae Ri-na diva.디바


디바 The last three days 'DMC Festival - the legendary Toto' is out of the way, Lee Mingyeong, Ginny climbed on stage, it's just ', "Why call ', I called the Jubilee teugok such as "up and down" problems arose from "Why call '.
The music flowed naohmyeonseo Chae Ri-na's voice, not the voice of the version Lee Mingyeong Lee Mingyeong is a situation in which the lip-sync accordingly widened.디바


After netizens "Chae Ri-na're not missing from the Divine.", "It's really ahnindeut", Showed a reaction like that, "I feel bad Chae Ri-na" This will Chae Ri-na added a damper.
The Regent Toto said the crew did chaenggiji this part carefully, saying what happened is it composed the song was released in the past iteotdamyeo deurindago sincerely apologize to Chae Ri-na.
In addition, according to the official stance that we will pay special attention to production to prevent future recurrence of such a thing.

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