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Choi Minsu, a man of great pride gangjueun say’

The wife of Choi Minsu gangjueun appeared on the talk show scene taxi.
Gangjueun are plans to expand the unstoppable pokrojeon as the tough guy's wife Choi Minsu.
Gangjueun is haetneundeyo said, "This is a man who did not know the world" started the revelations about Choi Minsu
Gangjueun Choi Minsu said that the "great pride for the great man," said "it is too much too specific.".강주은


강주은 In the broadcast day gangjueun it was also surprised everyone with cement unique stone fastball.
Choi Minsu gangjueun first met haetneundeyo being proposed in three hours ago but had married nor had two people break the same story at the time when earlier this year appeared in the "mother mwogilrae '.강주은


강주은 At the time gangjueun is said not to eat the olives to Choi Minsu Choi Minsu is leaving on a business trip this naetneundeyo the saying "eat olives thing sanghanda too proud malraneun" The anger gangjueun "I am a person who receives your proposal on first met 10,003 hours married. Haetneundeyo say its value and give it. ".강주은


강주은 Then Choi Minsu is said to be "then realized that I am comfortable eating an olive-year-old" I laugh jugido.
Gangjueun is by meeting a former Miss Canada yieotneundeyo Choi Minsu participated in the Miss Korea Line '93 hit by a 23-year-old,And I got married gave up med school dreams.강주은


강주은 Choi Minsu is the time MBC 93 years 'love mwogilrae' , SBS haetneundeyo became the big star with tremendous popularity since the 'Dune Dog "was a starring role at the time that the Miss Korea Choi Minsu finals goodbye to Charlie and the time lost, while at first glance you'll see the gangjueun.
At the time I did not know how gangjueun is Choi Minsu Choi Minsu of the Korea Broadcasting Well do not look good, "he said daeseuta hanikkan receive one of Korea sign?"Eotneunde and speak to Choi Minsu Choi Minsu went suddenly dragged hajamyeo story go to one cafe.



강주은 Choi Minsu is also ~.
After three hours at a cafe after Dong Choi Minsu is I'd talked to a number that would pass me to come in contact but without the gangjueun phone just went to the airport.
After Choi Minsu will meet gangjueun I'd gone to the airport, take the time in the busy schedule of the drama Choi Minsu is showing the album when he was a kid had a courtship without hesitation said, "and no strange people.".강주은 After Choi Minsu went to meet gangjueun to take 35 hours Puffer in Canada and this is the gangjueun mother had half that figure.
First it met the goal that would put the marriage in six months time, the value gangjueun,Is preparing for medical school eotneunde give up the dream and will to marry the 23-year-old Choi Minsu young age.

Meanwhile, in a broadcast day gangjueun was about more than 600 pairs of shoes will be the public would put Shoe stores.

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