Lovers Woo Hee-jin Moon off the smoke of a huge convergence

Lovers Woo Hee-jin five months off sanggung think tears
Actor Woo Hee-jin has a five if you think this sanggung confessed shed sad tears dripping.
Woo Hee-jin couple of months were the last to get off the last 24 broadcast.
Lovers of the Moon Woo Hee-jin's Prince jeongyun(Kim San-ho)While the accused wrote that the sea water trying sihae(Lee, Ji - Eun)Directly on behalf of the climb to the gallows died.달의 연인 우희진

달의 연인 우희진

달의 연인 우희진 Scarlet Heart Forum bringing viewers love immediately after the broadcast month haetneundeyo began to emerge about the article Woo Hee-jin
Lovers of praise for the month of delay Woo Hee-jin Oh sanggung Damned are the writings of the audience shed tears is the death of Woo Hee-jin.
Woo Hee-jin also considering the five sanggung jeonhamyeonseo lovers off testimonies of the month said the tears fly.달의 연인 우희진

달의 연인 우희진

달의 연인 우희진 Woo Hee-jin is if you think the saying "Lovers of the month five large sympathy and greet the audience who audit jeonhaeyo given to the encouragement sanggung smoke." "Oh sanggung sad tears dripping Nago crying damdamhi mothalkka look worried I to gimgyutae bishop fine lead in the field gave me, "he said.우희진7.jpg


우희진9.jpg Following "would not hurt to put on eye-cooked failed to nimdeul nice hwangja with longer five as unfortunately I was happy to sanggung" he said, according to testimonies of couples getting off the moon.우희진10.jpg


남자셋 여자셋 Woo Hee-jin's smoke there not ripe naturally in the body as a performer for many years
Woo Hee-jin was in the following year debuted as a commercial model at the time of the fifth grade elementary school in 1986, 1987 began broadcasting to the concession MBC Talent
I put a foot on the first broadcast station in Little sejabin - the first time Woo Hee-jin debut of the MBC drama "Queen Inhyeon 500 Years of Joseon '.남자 셋 여자 셋

남자 셋 여자 셋

우희진15.jpg Haetneundeyo after starring in the drama of a whopping 40 yeopyeon trying to lovers of the Scarlet Heart Month drama starring Woo Hee-jin was the most popular drama.
general Hospital, Three girls and three men, Sechingu, Miss Mermaid, Woman Over Flowers, Chapter barley has only the name of the drama that lays right knee just hear seven우희진16.jpg



Woo Hee-jin is so natural in her acting since elementary school lived the life of an actor so it seems a natural thing.

I grew up skills that are already showing tremendous convergence of Smoke.
Meanwhile, Woo Hee-jin has recently appeared as being yunjeongwon station in the morning MBC drama 'good guy'.


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