Zico broke Seolhyun why your shame excessive interest

Zico Seolhyun the couple had split the devotees only six months.
Zico broke Seolhyun reason is just that the public interest in. Zico Seolhyun couples last March started the materials was also a major topic as the devotees facts reported in the media.지코설현결별


지코설현6.jpg Zico Seolhyun as last August, the public is in fact a devotee of the two men, according to the 'Sports Donga' a reported break alone and became the focus of interest of the masses As the meeting of two people after tteumhae that led to the breakup of a relationship becomes a wish.




August 10 after one did alone Seolhyun public Zico devotees in fact 'dispatch' in the two agency's haetneundeyo acknowledged devotees fact has said he "felt the crush and commitment to each other in difficult times.".

Seolhyun Zico devotees news and events preceded the writing of congratulations are pouring electrolytic As the two people I had here and there also cheering devotees of two people.지코설현결별


지코설현1.jpg In the past, there are many popular star couples that if the public were many that love is only recently proud to hide and could affect afraid to hush the popular devotees.
Also, think of it as more like the trend that the public love than hide even the public
So gonna change a lot of awareness among the public to look at the couple's public romance work love both rabbits also hold occasional public photos via SNS dating and connect with fans, and there ....



Seolhyun Zico couple So why did I choose to break..
Of course, yet both of them are older, you may difficult for the public interest afraid. But I would like to meet a guy what sinners go to?
The Seolhyun Zico departure seems more haejuji not support two people near a large fault of adults.



Not a matter of my favorite people, because the eyes of the public and hey are two cases are the same people who would have been a huge pain.
The'm bittersweet story that was to remain in good seonhubae.


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