Problematic Man Choi Jung-Moon 7 years Mensa membership mouth jjeok ~

This problematic Man Choi Jung-Moon has become the focus of interest in the huge specifications.
The last place on the 25th tee Group Nurse Choi Jung-Moon has appeared on tvN problematic Man. Choi Jung-Moon has become a public topic being the history of the youngest Mensa IQ of 156 members from the Seoul National University College of Engineering.




Choi Jung-Moon is I'd been the youngest Mensa member to seven years Choi Jung-Moon's "I paid for the test when children test new eopeotneunde arises" he said, "had seen the children tested separately," he said.
Choi Jung-Moon had to say "go see my brother until the test is always done with my mother waiting outside Test This test is to see that I'm older, I've been really young, so I knew it was a Mensa test" release the Mensa membership certificate.




Choi Jung-Moon also has a huge specification anatneundeyo end here
I'd danyeotdago Gifted Education is a whopping five Jun Hyun-Moo "The Talented Education is why I went anchat sex so much that I'm in one place?"Haetneundeyo question that this is Choi Jung-Moon," explained one place did learn that looking over the test and I again draws another go. ".




Jun Hyun-Moo will hear the story of Choi Jung-Moon called Let's Talk "Seems like to be studied," Ha Seok-jin is haetneundeyo said, "He applied to study a little more," Jun Hyun-Moo This is "hilarious haneunge study?"Said Choi Jung-Moon has asked," he said eoryeopjyo had to laugh. ".



최정문_6.jpgChoi Jung-Moon is also the year when the story and use the Birth jogeumanhan bracelet neundeyo demonstrated a remarkable ability to tailor the day
Let's talk to the MC Year of Birth and was also fit just right day.



Choi Jung-won is the Gregorian calendar(1582year) Since the end of it all can haetneundeyo The MC Can they said that this law is Choi Jung-Moon explained that the formula for calculating the day of the week, details.
And he explained haetneundeyo say seven colors each made the other day one person Bangle Bracelet made directly to the day of the week calculated to make it easier.

Choi Jung-Moon will make its debut in 2012 as a group haetneundeyo Nurse Tee member lines have so colossal colossal specification did not know.


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