The devotees of Yeeun Jeong Jinwoon Instagram already love ~

Yeeun Jeong Jinwoon had officially recognized the devotees.
By the yeolaeseol of Yeeun Jeong Jinwoon and reported immediately recognized the two men haetneundeyo 21 days devotees Yeeun agency JYP Entertainment agency mystique of entertainment and Jeong Jinwoon admits the Yeeun Jeong Jinwoon devotees to the official press.
According to the agency, it has said that the two men Jeong Jinwoon is developed with a lover from when the previous agency JYP Entertainment continues until now.정지운예은11.jpg


정지운예은4.jpg He stated that the two men to forego the agency seonhubae of such early 2014 continues to develop three-year love love.
2007Year Yeeun debut with the Wonder Girls are'm doing to Stern joined the first year of the same member soye and Sunny for removal from Members Member Wonder Girls leader in quartet also debuted as a solo singer with the stage name of "hot Felt" 2014 continues the active There is.정지운예은7.gif


정지운예은4.jpg Gimjinun is haetneundeyo debut in 2008 2AM 2AM is now after a move to the shutdown state and mystic entertainment out a solo mini-album shows the color of your own music.정지운예은8.JPG


정지운예은2.jpg Since yeolaeseol coverage of gimjinun and Yeeun the past couple of SNS am also become a topic deongdalah
When released last 2014 yeeunyi maiden mini-album "Hot felt '' US 'Yeeun has also released a photo taken the two men tenderly along the lines of" girls smelters visit drifting Jinwoon "the Wonder Girls official twitter.정지운예은1.JPG


정지운예은12.jpg Also haetneundeyo also post articles that displeased to the exposure of Yeeun gimjinun in 2015 wondeogeol sui 'reboot' album jacket photos Jeong Jinwoon time is left a lead article entitled "Wonder Pants particles" "jewap(JYP)Yeotguna gonna make these people were the pants off in front of the building was also to sing cute grumbling that ".
In June Yeeun when Jeong Jinwoon is released new song 'Will' was also cheering Jeong Jinwoon olrimyeo wrote on his Instagram.정지운예은13.jpg

정지운예은9.jpg If you eat hansotbap from JYP that I'd love of the love of two people he started composing songs yeeunyi reportedly sang Jeong Jinwoon is beating the other to make a demo album that also.
The common love of music was an opportunity that seemed'm developing two lovers who continue to hope the top two after good love.


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