Article'm only ask the dancers On Joo-Wan Fridge seen halves

Take care of your refrigerator is only seen halves On Joo-Wan Division.
Actor On Joo-Wan combines everything from physical appearance, the dance song appeared in the refrigerator Take Care captured the hearts of viewers.
"Take care of the refrigerator in the last 19 days JTBC popular entertainment programs to the On Joo-Wan and starring actor Lim Chang-jung boasted ornate ipdam.

온주완2.jpg On Joo-Wan is a public refrigerator being used in their single house and had to ask the chef to cook duck and gangodeungeo chefs have carefully nurtured the request of the On Joo-Wan played a cooking showdown.
On Joo-Wan, etc. I use it in drama and performing arts programs and is known as a man I seen the actor Joe
Lim Chang-jung was released from the refrigerator and MC are junwan came down the haetneundeyo On Joo-Wan playfully saying no to Caesarea, which bore the traces of crude left in the fridge was woogido potential doubts and explain them.



온주완13.jpg On Joo-Wan is annya s no need to i geotmal usual neundeyo known geolro do not drink came out several kinds of drinks from the refrigerator MC will he asked, "Wondering minutes like drinking socializing" The On Joo-Wan is "not eat," he said "alcohol has. That said, it would ppaenwat if thought to be a problem. ".
So boneyo refrigerator liquor hospitality Yong ㅎㅎ

On Joo-Wan trillion BoA indeyo public devotee couple the two men last appeared in 2014 tvN with the 'surplus princess and is the Destiny began a formal association since February last year that continues the March yeolaeseol recognized the devotees and public devotees as reported couple is.




On Joo-Wan I was surprised I'd say all the past reputable dancers TVXQ Yunho dance teacher who serves also became known as.
Let's say that the Lim Chang-jung, known as the best friend of On Joo-Wan, "Hey taught to dance these days Idol" On Joo-Wan had coy "anything like correct, but," said On Joo-Wan at the request of the MC, then a studio party was Lim Chang-jung This would give a hundred dance helped On Joo-Wan.



On Joo-Wan rose to stage a nice wave and the back trampoline showcase surprised everyone.
After seeing the dance On Joo-Wan Ahn "That'll dissolve yeosim. While pretending not going to shoot you, "Let's Talk On Joo-Wan is called" Then I will show you one more showcase prayed for, "said one finger push-ups.



온주완24.jpg On Joo-Wan it is also mentioned in the singing would put Kim Sung-joo has said, "the men necessarily referred karaoke goes the nation profess Song 'confession' fashion right ssida On Joo-Wan was the protagonist of Lim Jae-bum," said, "I insist hasyeotdapnida".



The On Joo-Wan has said, "I hope you're perhaps looking Lim Jae-bum seniors offeryour said some anhaetda On Joo-Wan had contributed" "I called the confession in 10 years ago performing arts that the following are several artists who Ido air out is calling on TV remake," he said said.



The Kim Poong let's say, "I came out wearing a big pair of sunglasses in 2003," Kim Sung-joo hit the "pilots spend going," he said matjanggu Kim Poong has said that "That fact came out wearing rain later went'm I came out wearing it just one month ansseugo" The ohsedeuk chef gave me a smile said, "that's our local taxi man also seoteo".
Dance, Song, health, - This guy looks incredibly amazing it far from hell? The degree of attraction also adjudged Man is the only reason Joe Boa halves


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