Yoon Suk-min ♥ gimsion Winter Wedding Engagement ~ daughters Kim Ye-Ryeong

Yoon Suk-min gimsion Winter Wedding Engagement
KIA Yoon Suk-min(30)And Newcomer gimsion(27 Daughter, actress Kim Ye-Ryeong)After a recent sanggyeonrye is ahead of the coming winter wedding.



김시온10.jpg Ye-Ryeong Kim Yoon Suk-min said it is raised recently jocholhage La engagement is currently planned for this winter season marriage for married Yoon Suk-min gimsion.

Yoon Suk-min called for his son-in-law said so as well two people can be happy boyeoseo.




김시온7.jpg Yoon Suk-min piangsae gimsion Who?
Min do not know the pitcher Yoon Suk-min Yoon Suk-min is representative of the KIA would not have joined in 2005 and last year, KIA is active in approximately two years working as a reliever pitcher in 2007 and worked as a representative of Korea baseball pitcher right.



김시온3.jpg But gimsion Newcomer indeyo is not yet largely unknown gimsion is said to have decided to followed the mother of Kim Ye-Ryeong third year in high school to walk in the way of learning.
After a short gimsion is paced non-face to a supporting role in the movie "Whispering Corridors 5, 2009, after over a 2014 play 'Ivanov' and had also entered the stage Daehakro.




Gimsion the father is director Park Yeong-hun. 2002Park Yeong-hun Lee as a director in his debut film 'addiction' Lee Mi-yeon starred in films since "the Innocent Steps", He has directed such as "Bravo My Life '.

I mean the house of the Father gimsion filmmaker, Naturally there was a mother 23-year actress is a condition that can go the way of the actors.


Gimsion middle resulted in the celebration of the marriage news and fan engagement Yoon Suk-min gimsion unveiled a wedding dress through his Instagram.
Gimsion, along with pictures of the look in her wedding dress and left the post of "black and white photo Photo taken # # ♥".


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