Kim Je-dong oeapseol controversial Ugly our pups off?

Kim Je-dong're starring in SBS variety program we Ugly chicks This was embroiled in oeapseol.
Ugly Duckling Kim Je-dong mother in three is "whether that if the grandchildren are not alike yigeotmaneun?"The question on the" do not want you to be running around the world saying that the right. He said it is worried about ".



Kim Je-dong's worried mother does appear to reality are required to belong, and that's why we get off at the ugly chicks that are coming out starring Kim Je-dong of the story oeapseol.
In fact, Kim Je-dong was found between Gyeongbuk Seongju County last July 20 we Ugly chicks being broadcast to pilots on August 26 organized regular broadcast day. Then it is August 5.
Candlelight vigil was opened in seongju county Cheung Kim Je-dong is holding a microphone pointed at Lee and about the "illegality of Saad batch '.




Whether the broadcast is due to get off at this pace of Kim Je-dong? Guess who will come out to.
In fact, three televised appearances Kim Je-dong This is an additional yirwojiji was taken after Kim Je-dong as a measure taken by a pilot who visited seongju county Office.




The crew is about Kim Je-dong bus stop, Kim Je-dong is oeapseol had no such "facts are unfounded," he said balhimyeo external pressure thing, "Kim Je-dong as the failure to schedule more involved in the recording.".




But once the broadcast begins, 2The appearance on Kim Je-dong three times not to appear at all times, but he also Maybe that viewers doubt deserved for being shown the older footage also Tony and his and my mother joined the newly broadcast to fill the missing amount to the Kim Je-dong bus stop doubts have been raised over whether it.


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