Starting with 600 career homers and Lee 1995

Samsung Lions, Lee achieve 600 homers daegirok!
Lee is 14 September stood a new history of the Korea Baseball.
14One Daegu Samsung Lions Park opened the Lee Chin received a forkball per hour 130km Hanwha hander Lee, Jae - Woo to the previous two inning unharmed by 1 to 0 in a game against Hanwha beat his solo home run beyond the right wall was achieved one day usually 600 homer.



이승엽600호홈런_12.jpg Lee in the KBO league 441 homer, 8 years in Japan 159 Beating a homer haetneundeyo achieve 600 homers in Japan hit a home run League unfortunately can not be recognized as an official record of 600 home runs is usually one day can be said to have a significant meaning.



이승엽600호홈런_7.jpg Lee recorded the first homer against the same year on May 2 haeta yigangcheol to join the Samsung Lions in 1995 and recorded the 100th home run against Since May 1999 5 Contemporary jeongmyeongwon.



이승엽600호홈런_1.jpg 1In the homer homers and 100 posted 4 years time one catapult after hitting a home run No. 200 against the June 14, 2001, Hanwha Kim Jung - Soo took more 100 homers in two years ssotah.
Again it came out homer 300 two years later became the scapegoat SK gimwonyoung 22 June 2003



이승엽600호홈런_5.jpg Again after three years now neundeyo scored 400 homer in Japan takes the 400 homer from Hanshin Kei Igawa August 1, 2006.
500Homer has created a 600-homer got to the 500-homer to Ben Nexen heken neundeyo took some time today, January 7, 2012 and September 2, 2016 May 14, Hanwha Lee, Jae - Woo.



이승엽600호홈런_14.jpg Ryu Joong-il Samsung Lions Coach Lee to deliver the bouquet directly neundeyo and allowed us to celebrate "The players played hard, well the game until the second half without losing concentration," he said, "one day to celebrate Lee's 600 career home runs, Lee is also. Unlike other horse he was spared praise, saying, "Do you think needs.



The team followed up on Wednesday, beating Lee homers reverse gyeolseungta 9 6 Led to victory Hanwha took five straight braking does not exceed the wall by Samsung.


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