Recent successful recovery of the index acute osteomyelitis surgery

Index acute osteomyelitis surgery Recent Publication
Learn index that is loved by the JTBC geumto drama 'Fantastic' has been acute osteomyelitis surgery.
Index plain TPC agency has stated that 14 days exponential received acute osteomyelitis surgery.
Index yeojunyoung agency representatives had a detailed description of the index surgery and receive a behind sitting in a wheelchair through his Instagram story.



Yeojunyoung represents the index traveled to the hospital sick leg a few weeks ago he heard the findings received treatment and testing may be a "cancer" according to the doctor.
Quotes I did well when the heart seems like an incredibly agency also represents nolrateul heard the word cancer, it may be in the hospital Let's take a precise diagnosis eottaet like you're breast cheolreong.



Anyway, so I got a precise diagnosis in the hospital, he comes out the tests after the holidays, then index was already critical situation enough to eat in a wheelchair and painkillers,
But then that night 40 index was also hospitalized with a high fever and pain in the nearest hospital, analyzed the bone scan and MRI data as a "cancer" received the verdict of acute osteomyelitis.




Index is representative of the agency TT said a prayer'm saying, "Please not the Gulf cancer." TT
Made progress since the surgery is a nine o'clock at night doeseo The surgery is successful machyeotdago.
Not a big bottle, but glad to hear the yieotneundeyo 'cancer' may be surprised how much did the story at the hospital..
Index agency representatives was scheduled for an appointment with the work currently being shot said he has been on to find out how you do not damage the lungs as much as possible.





The index I being JTBC geumto appeared in the drama 'Fantastic' Index Snow in Fantastic(Park Si-yeon)You are in a hot-rolled yeonhanam Station Kim, Sang - Wook lost love at first sight.
According to a fantastic side, "there are no details yet determined," said neundeyo said that "currently discussing the script modified" appears to be no more than what you can rule out the possibility that health is as important as the exponent of the Fantastic off.


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