Hong Sang Soo Kim Min-hee for the future break -

Kim Min-hee decided to become hair for the future

Hong Sang Soo Kim Min-hee actress has reportedly recently broke the news that.
According to the World Today reported, quoting the words of Hong Sang Soo director and the film industry officials that friendship with Kim Min-hee, "the current Hong Sang Soo director and the movie ready to shoot into pouring everything of his in the United States two months ago until sometimes had a telephone conversation with Kim Min-hee in recent years, had to say that it implies a relationship jyeoteum wish so say, "I decided to become hair for the future of Kim Min-hee," he said.홍상수김민희_12.jpg


홍상수김민희_15.jpg Following "like those known for two people love relationship is not geotyiji were divided between those who love the movie was not a secret marriage and friendship affair.. Judaga director Hong Sang Soo Kim Min-hee will take care of you and be chinhaejin house is not just for lovers, "he said.홍상수김민희_11.jpg


홍상수김민희_9.jpg In addition, "there is no other thing of interest are Hong Sang Soo sense c neck except for a movie to show the 'now already past days is the' reaction for the scandal and Kim Min-hee nadon especially hanggan scandal of the two men ended happening," he said.홍상수김민희_8.jpg


홍상수김민희_6.jpg Hong Sang Soo Kim Min-hee and director of cinema has also depart 'Now then hit wrong' with the later works neundeyo entered into a relationship with the Cannes Film Festival last May, while over.
Since last June, caused a big wave reported as a theory of two people having an affair.홍상수김민희_5.jpg


홍상수김민희_3.jpg Since haetneundeyo belonging pray that handed down the two people getting married in the United States, Utah has a polygamy became known that it is possible mood Hong Sang Soo Kim Min-hee also a secret gyeolhonseol two people raised in Utah by past precedents.

홍상수김민희_2.jpgMeanwhile, Kim Min-hee recently have received a number of amenities offered French film starring director Hong Sang Soo known and was known as being ready yet other works.



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