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Flaming Youth ohsolmi marriage? 20Years of hiding a story

The actor appeared as a fiery youth ohsolmi new friends.
Flaming Youth which is broadcast on the 13th and coming members to leave the camp in South Jeolla Province Jangheung. A new friend ohsolmi appeared in Lee and I'd like a friend from the early emergence of extraordinary feeling inside force.



Ohsolmi is noted in the KBS2 drama 'Love Tomorrow "was the ultra-contemporary stars chongchuldong 1992 as a four-dimensional characters was told at the time Lee Byeongheon, Ko, Park Sohyeon, Gimjeonggyun, Yigyeongsim such a putput of students appeared and lush campus story with a total of 103 episodes as Green Youth drama is the drama until 25 October 1994.




오솔미3.JPGOhsolmi is not a haetneundeyo emerged as a perm hair matted on the red cloth on hanbok skirt youth from the burning first appearance ohsolmi like fashion ingeo not ever digest.
Ohsolmi has jugido big smile to show bruises trial for beating yourself saying hobby is 'bruising spanking'.
Ohsolmi haetneundeyo said Choi Sung-kuk is the most want to see from the flaming youth appeared shortly before the broadcast Anything that comic romance of two people start ㅎㅎㅎ오솔미12.jpg


오솔미19.jpg Ohsolmi is a moment that did not break from academic life and wires while not appearing in the broadcast alternating study and work.
Life coaching qualifications for part-time work, Motorboat Class 1 certification, Lifesaving Certification, Water ski, yoga, Has acquired'm up scuba diving certification.오솔미18.jpg


오솔미16.jpg Ohsolmi is usually like listening to music or writing I'd also did not was because insecurity is liable if the milk gamseom may shake everything that.
As the father of ohsolmi I'd mastered long illness for a whopping 17 years to leave the world in the last 2012 years is a story that the day due to'm battling father and mother living alone, and that, as such hell.오솔미9.JPG


In college, I not once do without the late or absent, and even went to hear the cast really seems great, except the ringer classes.오솔미10.JPG College has received a scholarship throughout the semester in which graduation should also have received only graduates can receive only one chongjangsang.
The Lee Sanghyeong of ohsolmi is neundeyo said he seemed "a journey happened to a man with a warm hand that kindled the fire stopped for me in the cabin," the fourth dimension is also're right. The busy as I live I think not even married yet, I hope ohsolmi just want to meet Lee Sanghyeong -.

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