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Gimjeonggeun Isiana

The reason gimjeonggeun Isiana announcer delayed pregnancy

Girls hunnyeo Announcer Announcer couple gimjeonggeun Isiana couple reportedly the pregnancy news to six years of marriage.
Isiana is the first time I'd knew a pregnant last May 23, "The yieoteumyeon daughter can live like a lifelong friend and honest heart." "No matter what gender" while he preached a comment.


Deoni I like no matter what gender seems to expect a coy daughter.
But the Son mind is responsive security eotneundeyo Isiana is "looking for the son born to older stories rather mum at greater love than to be loved for kids that hadeora" and "If my husband like the son I wish no more," said the husband gimjeonggeun Announcer greater jjikhan has also expressed love.



Isiana gimjeonggeun announcer couples already married six years would put deuneunde think that the child did not have to worry about not deulkkeseo house for parents seems to tilt in the house woke this pregnancy news.

Isiana married early this haetneundeyo say hospitality is not easy to like that situation Isiana joined 32 groups KBS announcer bonds in 2006, working is I have a married gimjeonggeun announcer in 2010 at the time also a big topic in the marriage of MBC announcer and KBS Announcer I did.



After marriage Isiana is high enough while keeping the company in 2014 was the pre-declaration took the time to grab a seat. 이지애 임신 소식이 늦어 진 것도 이런 이유들 때문이라고 해명했습니다.



Isiana the pregnancy news announcer announcer gimjeonggeun husband "is still groggy from," he said, "Dad does not realize that it is" "really grateful to my wife Isiana, And grateful I gave birth to a healthy new life grow well, "he said.


The Isiana gimjeonggeun announcers have to practice just started a relationship with such a Christian one Lee Jaeae starred in "to the same age travel" haetneundeyo goal of marriage in January for the first time in six months gimjeonggeun announcer, not one fingering the piano for three months Isiana singing favorite songs haetdamyeonseo the proposal has also say that at the time her husband cried.

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