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Interpark personal information leak 15 days did not reveal why

Interpark leakage of personal information What happened from July 11 to 25?
The case was being leaked customer information generated 10.3 million people in the domestic large online shopping mall Interpark. Interpark being eternal mail to 30 million in sub-emitter customer information exchange by hackers on the 11th catapult that recognizes the fact that this Interpark Although the report on the next day the police 20 days Terms and Conditions did not inform those customers for personal information leakage In fact, changed.

인터파크 개인정보유출
▲ Interpark personal information leakage 10,300,000 people related JTBC Press

So far, according to the information from the Police Cyber ​​Investigation and Security Interpark personal information leakage incident last year in early May Interpark hack around 10.3 million people sangmang customer's ID, password(encryption), name, date of birth, Mobile Phone Number, e-mail, Addresses, and the hacking incident and demanded 30 billion in Interpark side of it as an excuse.

Full membership of Interpark 2000 million people that now that I'd like privacy that is 10.3 million people leaked the customer intact customer information more than half of the members Interpark will cross into the hands of hackers.

Come to my actual check directly whether private information was also confirmed that the leaked my personal information.



Arranged by date Interpark private information haebomyeon looks like this:
5Earlier this month a hacker Interpark DB access privileges will be sent a mail to the administrator, making sure that your message to the negligence of the administrator of malware hackers to steal customer information to access the DB.
But once a year seems excessive traffic if it looks that never able to disclose personal information of 10.3 million people to do server administrator to verify the possible leakage of the past five months after the second day due to a small amount of customer information.

7Whether from May 11, hackers leaked customer information fact excuse gratuities request mail received after Interpark customer information leaks
7Reporting and complaint filed in May 13, police
7Change January 20, Interpark Terms of Use Notice
7May 25, Interpark customer information leaked media reports,

인터파크 비밀번호
The Interpark is why I caused this question did not disclose to the media without the knowledge of the fact that the customer information leaks quickly customers at the time, according to Interpark, "wrote the key information is not being leaked secondary damage potential, such as social security numbers," he said " police and explain that I did not ask for a notice Roundup cooperation with priority ".

인터파크개인벙보유출Also it raises suspicions that this is I sent my announcements hagetdaneun change 20 days Interpark Terms of the past after what the customer information leaked the fact that in the state that informing the media and customers ahninya looking to Interpark is avoiding responsibility for hacking incident It is.

인터파크 해킹
But Interpark side has said he "did not accept that the person is in fact no hacking," "Terms are subject to revision speculation associating it comes to matters not related to hacking and simple login system to be introduced in early August," he said.
In addition to the agreement to change the "Terms to be changed with respect to the members inadvertently not stating destination side is not responsible for this hacking incident is not the negligence of the Member scanning line fault," he said "Interpark do the moral responsibility for the hacking incident will "have said that.

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