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Gwanganri ants

Gwanganri ants earthquake precursor phenomena? Really safe?

Citizens are shivering in anxiety found that a swarm of hundreds of thousands of birds moving large Gwangalli Beach in Busan, whether you think that this "earthquake precursor phenomena.".


Gwanganri ants picture is going the way spread rapidly around the last 23 days Gwanganri one finds a sandy beach geotinde citizens are taking a picture of Gwanganri the sand ants moving yo as the photo is published on SNS SNS whether an earthquake precursor phenomena doubts are being raised to.


In addition, according to the Busan coast around July 21 was received report is a gas smell 170 conditions 23 days, the smell of unknown causes in the city of Ulsan is iteotneundeyo the report, but the authorities have not found a clear cause for the smell There is civil unrest and weighting.



In this Gwanganri ants Busan swim against the herd Ward said, "common sight on sandy beaches as well as the end of the annual rainy season this year," said "inde rainy season immediately after the ant breeding The ants were as likely to move in search of food in droves." I said that.

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